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boxer dog facts
8 Facts About Dogs Boxer

eight boxer dog facts, you will not believe!!

eight boxer dog facts, you will not believe!!

We will recall eight boxer dog facts but There are lots of reasons that make you love a boxer dog. Keep in mind that strong body of Boxer dogs, Facial expression, sense of humor and clowning, innate intelligence, and extreme attachment to people. If you have not fallen in love yet, Some of these interesting facts may lead to confusion about the breed of Boxer dogs. Even the owners of the experienced Boxer dogs, They may learn some surprising things about the Boxer breed.


  1. Boxer dogs have a long and enjoyable history.

Along with their cousins, Bulldog dogs and Mastiff dogs, Boxer dogs have ancestors that can be traced back to the ancient Assyrians, As it was since 2000 BC. They were strong, courageous dogs, often used in war.

After centuries, these dogs were named the ancient city of Molosses, In what is now Spain. For several centuries, the former boxer was used, Hunting dogs Wild boar, bear and deer. The breed spread throughout continental Europe and England.

It can be seen as early as the sixteenth century in Flemish furnishings. Most experts agree that this smaller, From the northeast of Belgium, is the direct predecessor of the modern Boxer. In Germany, however, the evolution of the breed has reached its peak, To become a wonderful boxer dog that we know today.

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  1. second of boxer dog facts, made relatively late arrival in America.

The boxer was imported, as we know it today, For the first time to the United States after World War I, But it did not reach any real degree of popularity until the late 1930s. Four dogs, in particular, are the basis of the American Boxer.

They were even dubbed “Four Cavalry In.” The first was Sigurd, born in Germany in 1929. Ten of his puppies were imported to America and became heroes or were the ancestors of heroes. The next two were Lustig and Oetz, They authorized dozens of heroes. Lustge had 41 American champions and 35 Utters. He was the last of Durian’s four, winning the Westminster Working Group in 1937.

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  1. The skill of Boxer dogs in performances

It won the strain (dogs Boxer) Best show in Westminster four times, in 1947, 1949, 1951 and 1970.


  1. Boxer can succeed in dog sports such as agility and assembly, but you have to work on it.

When racing in a fitness race, or in a marathon, Or flowing to his things in the paths of obedience, Boxer can be quite glorious. But this very smart dog has its own mind, You must be patient, coherent and creative. Boxer is bored with repetition and may invent a comic idea during training and even during performance.

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  1. boxer dog facts is a loving friend, not a fighter.

Despite their heritage as strong and courageous fishermen, One of the most attractive modern qualities is the great love for their skin and the need to love in return. The boxer is happier when he is with his family, especially the children. It is protective and patient with children and makes the family dog perfect.


  1. Boxer dogs have their own special instincts and beloved (and sometimes) annoying.

When you are enthusiastic, and every time you receive a loved one, they are known to jump up and down in fullness and vitality. Going down may be the first thing to teach them. Almost any lover can tell you about the “Kidney Pill” dance performed by the Boxer. They twist their bodies into a kind of half-circle, and in their condition, they begin to spin.

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  1. seven of boxer dog facts are “excellent service”.

With their innate attachment to humans and their intelligence, Boxer dogs are often used as guide dogs for blind dogs, Treatment dogs for closure, Even the dogs are described for people who suffer from epilepsy, and alert them to the impending attack.


  1. The Boxer Dog was the favorite breed of a pair of famous movie stars.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were dog lovers. They received the first Boxer, Harvey, as a wedding gift, And appeared in many publicity photos. They acquired two other Boxer dogs, Bibi and George, as well.


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