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aggressive dog

aggressive dog, and Ways to modify the behavior

Ways to modify the behavior of aggressive dogs

The experience can be scary: When your kindly friendly dog suddenly turns into an aggressive dog, grumbling, impulsive, or showing his teeth. In some cases, your dog may bite you or attack you or a family member, The dog knew well and never does this act against him before.


It may be difficult to know what to do when your dog shows these signs of aggressive behavior. Since dog aggression can be out of control, Leads to injuries to dogs or people, It is very important to know the real causes of aggressive dog behavior, So you can help your dog overcome the aggression.

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aggressive dog and What are the symptoms that appear on his ?

  • Whimper and the dog snarling.
  • Lift the upper lip.
  • Bark the dog aggressively.
  • Biting and attacking.
  • Rush and intimidation.
  • An aggressive and intense reaction when someone approaches the place where the dog sits like a garden.
  • High sounds cause an aggressive dog increase and craziness.

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aggressive dog why show this behavior ?

Find out why a dog behaves strongly, It can help you learn the best plan to stop this dreadful aggressive behavior. There are several possible causes of aggression in dogs.


Dog aggressive diagnosis:

When the veterinarian diagnoses the condition of the dog, First he must rule out any disease the dog suffers from. There are some diseases that cause dogs to act unjustly aggressively. If the doctor can not find out the causes of the dog’s aggressive behavior, Or did not find any disease causing it above you may need to refer the dog to a specialist trainer, To modify the behavior of dogs to train him on the behavior of sound and non-aggressive.

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aggressive dog, Illness and injury

Some medical conditions can cause dogs to become aggressive. If a dog has never shown any signs of aggression, Suddenly it begins to grumble or bite, it may be a result of illness or pain. Pain is a common cause of aggression in dogs. You may have an aggressive dog suddenly if a disease or pain causes him a major annoyance.


Some possible causes of pain include arthritis, bone fractures, internal injuries, Various tumors, and ruptures. Other diseases may affect the dog’s brain, Resulting in unreasonable aggression. Where brain diseases or tumors, thyroid diseases, Rabies is some of the diseases that may trigger the onset of aggression.


If your dog suddenly shows aggression and this aggression is unjustified or has a clear cause, You should talk to your veterinarian before attempting to address this aggressive behavior in the dog. You may want to give your dog some medicine If you feel that your dog is sick or feels pain, But experts advise not to do so. If your dog is ill you need to know exactly what is wrong before you start any treatment you offer to the dog. Do not try to deal with the problem before you know the nature of the problem you are dealing with.

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aggressive dog, and the fear

The dog who is afraid can become aggressive. Where most of the dogs only show aggressive behavior if they feel they are in danger, Unable to escape, you need to defend themselves. This can happen if the dog is found somewhere without a way out, Or if the dog thinks that your hand raised above your head means you will hit. If a dog shows aggressive behavior more than usual than dogs used in rescue, It is likely that he has been abused before.


in some times , Rescue dogs need obedience training,  By a trainer who specializes in teaching dogs that have been abused, Other times, you may be able to control your dog’s fear through medical care. Talk to your veterinarian about the best course of action. To avoid provoking this kind of aggressive behavior, Get close to carefully selected dogs (better still, let them approach you). Train your dog well and make strong links between you and him to help get rid of fear.

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Modifying the behavior of aggressive dogs needs to understand the character of the dog and the reason for its aggressive and ferocity. Some dog breeds, such as rot, pitbull and boxer, have natural or innate ferocity, You need to modify and evaluate as we will explain to you in detail in this article. There are some dogs that pose a great danger to other dogs as well as to humans. In fact, dogs can be overly aggressive if they are guarding anything they consider to be their property, Because dogs are naturally dominant animals, So it is defending what you think it belongs to all the strength.


One of the most important things dogs always seek to protect, They are food, collectibles, toys, toys and other things. Dogs are also very dominant beings on their home, Especially the types of Mastiff dogs (with large head such as Routers, Wheeler, Boxer, pitbull and others),  Therefore, we may find them defending any area where they live with all their strength (eg, home).


But it could be up to some factions of dogs do not accept that controls the home of another person other, Including humans themselves, So you notice that your dog wants to be subject to everyone in the house including you. So if your dog is able to do this, you may need to quickly adjust your dog’s behavior.

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The behavior of aggression resulting from frustration is often referred to, This frustration either has been redirected or thwarted. Dog feel frustrated for not being able to access something, The dog may express this frustration this in other ways, Including showing aggressive behavior. This type of aggression is often seen in dogs that spend a lot of time constrained or tied to a chain or behind a fence tied to a chain.


For example , A dog in the yard may spend a day and can not reach a dog who lives on the street or in a nearby yard. The dog usually barks and the bark increases significantly with increased frustration. When the owner approaches, the dog may redirect its frustration and bite its owner.

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aggressive dog, and Love domination and domination

Dogs sometimes show aggression to prove hegemony and control. This behavior of dominance may be more common towards other dogs, But it can happen with people as well. Dogs that show this kind of aggression feel they must prove their responsibility for a situation. Losing, grumbling, or biting occurs when they feel challenged.


Be careful not to misinterpret your dog’s aggression. Always rule out a health problem or fear, Before you assume you know the reason for the aggressive behavior of your dog. Otherwise, attempts to take corrective measures can exacerbate the problem.


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