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beagle colors

beagle colors Basic, bicolor and tricolor

beagle colors Basic, bicolor and tricolor , Basically, all dog clubs and the International Association of Lights Science defined the Beagle color standard as “any shades for hounds, except brown.” Only here, Kennel Club in the United States recognizes this color, Causing controversy among dog breeders around the world About the type of color that is still acceptable.

Today we will learn about the recognized colors, As accepted by most beagle breeders, In addition to rare shades, But no less famous than these wonderful dogs.

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Basic beagle colors

It can be noted that in order to maximize clarity, “Kennel Club” has already released the official beagle colors acceptable list in 2010, The editorial staff clearly indicated acceptable colors as a criterion and what is not acceptable at all.

The most distinctive for most people who know or carry a beagle dog is coloring three colors: The back is black, the white muzzle, the whole body is red. Many people call this classic coloring.

However, the shapes don’t stop there, and the range is a whole bunch, Any color is difficult to name, and the other is unacceptable. Everything is very personal, and every book owner is proud of his beagle.

There are several basic groups:

  • Bicolor.
  • Tricolor.
  • Gray tricolor.
  • Brown tricolor.


There are beautiful differences:

  • Spotted.
  • The maroon.
  • mottled.
  • It is worth considering in more detail.

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beagle colors, bicolor

sunny dog

“Bee” means 2, that’s like, beagle – two colors, usually white and red. Red can be represented as muffled, closer to yellow, bright, reminder, rather, red. The puppy will be born with pale spots that will remain dark over time. The nose will be dark. If the dog is light, the tip is denser in color.

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beagle colors, tricolor

beagle colors are combined and permeated in the most unusual way, But here it will be the tail party always white color.
The spots have different sizes,The dominant shade will add to the beagles unique group increasingly.

If there is more white, The animal will look very harmonious and innocent, While blending with black will increase the appearance of harm. By the way, the black color is not always intense, sometimes the color may be more pale, Closer to gray, sometimes just charcoal, sometimes with a blue dye, Also called “stupid wing color”. The nose is the same as in the previous case, black.

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beagle colors, Gray tricolor

Another tricolor version is red, white and gray. The gray shade itself is often called blue, Because the receding when lighting or in the sun creates such an impression. The puppy will be born white and gray, and the adult beagle has already changed color – red will be added.

The nose of the nose is a shadow of a graphite pencil, the eyes are very bright, sometimes lemon shades.

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beagle colors, Brown tricolor

In these beautiful beagle dog breeders they changed the gene responsible for black, And brighten it on chocolate.
The eyes of these beauties are green, as if they had a light brown pencil. The nose is also brown. Shades of this color can be quite different, So that everything can not be listed – even 190 tones! This ocher, all “kinds” of chocolate, sandy, golden, nutty, wine, and many more.

It’s a shame that a variety of brown beagles didn’t reach the Cynological community, This magnificent color is not recognized as a standard.


This color is jokingly called the “torn three colors” – Due to the contrast of colors on the animal sharply. White is like a base, and black is literally “torn” everywhere. Sometimes, you can see only dots or black spots, mixed with red color.

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Representatives of this color look impressive, Two and three-color beagles can wear different shapes and sizes on themselves. At first, as a rule, when the puppy was just born, no impurities could be seen, But they already appear at the age of 5 weeks. But there are really maroon dogs, which are already bred with this fantastic highlight. The interesting details also lie in the fact that the dog pads in these beagle dogs are dark in color, Pink occurs in all other beagles.

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beagle colors, multi-colors

Very unusual flavor. Different color intensity in these dogs create a coloration of rabbit variegated or lemon variegated. The rarest shade is a discordant badger, when all the basic wool is black.

Most of these dogs are found in the UK, Where it’s a favorite for educators because of their weirdness, The same color is included, Unlike universal decrees, in the standard.

The beagle colors of the lobe is dark, and the gag is necessarily red. But the Beagle dogs do not very clearly define all the limits of this coloring. For some, when some hair is one color, patches – for another. Others consider staining of sweat, when black and red hairs spread evenly.

This color also has some white privacy, Which can never be called pure. In colored beagles, it is always either “dirty” or all sorts of pastel impurities. The white border and other colors are very blurred.

As we can see there are so many different variations of the many species and subtypes described, Often, to avoid errors, only two basic colors are written in the Beagle proportional documents: bicolor or tricolor. One can rarely see additional explanations, But the owner certainly knows how uniquely his loyal friend’s color is, He will always proudly explain in detail to anyone who wishes.

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