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best dogs for kid

best dogs for kids and family

best dogs for kids, Dogs are pets that many people love to own They find great pleasure in caring and caring for them. Because dogs are fulfilling just by being kind to them and deal with it gently and compassionately so you will be a loyal friend to those who care about it.

But when you start raising dogs at home There are many types of domestic dogs that can be raised at home and best dogs for the kids. There is also a group of breeds that are not suitable for home rearing It depends on a range of things. It depends on the types of dogs you want to raise And the method followed in the process of education and training to obey easily In order to choose healthy dogs, we must consider the type of dog and the extent of its ferocity, its advantages, and disadvantages.

So we will outline some important points about raising a dog at home And mention the breeds of dogs in detail, How to choose and what criteria should you set in your account. We will also provide you with a range of dog types that you can choose from. This list is one of the best types of dogs for breeding at home and the best dogs for the kids. Whether you want to keep dogs for guard or breed dogs in your home with small children.

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best dogs for kids

best dogs for the kids that can be Breeding at home, The Golden Retriever is a common breed of dog, Rich in the definition. It is considered one of the best options that can be raised in homes and the best dogs for the kids. Because it is one of the dogs that have good dealing with young children. It is also an easy dog to train and learn This dog is distinguished as a hunting dog, And he acquired his name because he was accompanying the fishermen in the past Prey are brought to them after the hunt.

Golden Retriever from best dogs for the kids, Golden Retriever is smart And the ease of training him to do strenuous work It requires high skills as well as responds to the exercises and perfects it quite easily.

Not only that, but the dog is also known to be friendly with everyone and not at all fierce. So it is one of the best types of dogs that are recommended to breed and from best dogs, for the kids It also has a spirit of fun, vitality, small size, and beautiful and attractive shape at the same time.

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As for the defects of the Golden Retriever dog, they are as follows:
One of the most important drawbacks of this dog is its loud barking sound, as it sometimes disturbs the neighbors and the family.

The dog also takes a long time to bathe because of the intensity of its fur. Although it gives it a beautiful and wonderful appearance.

It can also spoil some of the house’s holdings Because of his excessive activity and frequent walking around the house if you do not train properly.

These strains are usually the best dogs for the kids and are very smart, but they can be overactive if you don’t get enough training

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why need to get the best dogs for kids?

why need to get the best dogs for a kids, Keeping pets at home reflects positively on the child’s social skills, But when we talk about dogs, many mothers are afraid of being alongside their children, Lest she hurt her, and it may be she before she has children that adore dogs but give them up as soon as they have a child.

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best family dogs

What are the best dogs for the kids? This is a standard question, but there’s nobody answer. In theory, any dog has the ability to coexist with children. One can expect that any dog breed would be suitable for children, but you never know how each dog will appear separately. There are many factors that affect a dog’s ability to live with children.

The most important tips for getting the best dogs for the kids:

1- Training
Obedience training for the dog is absolutely essential for any dog you bring into your home. You should spend enough time training your new dog, especially if he is a puppy. If a child wishes to participate in dog training, it must be supervised by an adult. In addition, children in the family need to be taught how to behave with dogs.

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2- Age and size
Take into account the ages and level of activity of your children This is because young children are vulnerable to collision by a puppy Also, older children can crush a small dog if it is not always careful. If you are thinking of getting an adult dog around the children Keep in mind that the puppy needs a lot of attention and care, In addition to continuous monitoring.

3- Personal
To get the best dogs for kids a family needs a smart dog with a good level of energy, Some strains may be naturally good for children.

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Beagle dogs are one of the best dogs for kids

Beagle dogs are one of the best dogs for kids and it’s one of the flexible and safe dogs for the presence of children. They are from small pets well. This dog prefers to exercise regularly. While it should be noted that their consumption of food to avoid obesity, which happens very quickly without warning. A beagle dog is a sweet dog, Nice, and love for a kids, he is a dog that loves to be around people This dog tends to train and play!

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Vizsla dogs are one of the best dogs for kids

Vizsla dogs are a medium dog, it’s one of the best dogs for kids, Which can live among families and families with children? This type of dog is an active type, preferring to practice daily activities and in constant need of training. Its average size is around 20-26 ”and the average weight is between 40-60 lbs. The average life expectancy is between 12-15 years.

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Boxer dog

This dog is considered one of the best types of dogs, but its faults may slightly overwhelm its features. And the most important thing that distinguishes him is his intelligence, vitality, and fun Especially because he makes a funny voice from time to time expressing his joy and happiness Besides, it is not annoying at all and can be trained easily and conveniently. But one of the drawbacks of a Boxer dog is that it is a ferocious dog that is used to guard homes Besides, it may cause harm to children when left with them. So it should be well watched when sitting alone with children. Also, the dog may not be beautiful in appearance for some, especially girls.

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The Boxer Dog may cause household problems due to its high jumps, Or because he was overly pampered and wrongly trained, The Boxer Dog is one of the best guard dogs in the world. So if you are looking for a guard dog and do not have young children then you can use this smart and strong dog.

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Collie dogs are one of the best dogs for kids

Collie dogs are one of the best dogs for kids, and this dog is known as “Lacey”. This dog is characterized as a gentle, smart dog. Children love it because they share common interests in playing. Collie dogs usually have a size of about 22-26, and weigh 50-70 lbs. The average life expectancy of this dog is between 14-16 years.

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the best dogs for kids, and it is one of the most important types of domestic pet dogs that are very popular. Who among us does not know this loyal dog that has appeared in many Arab and international films and has many heroic stories? It is also the first dog to be used in police stations worldwide. The German Shepherd dog is very loyal and rare for its owner. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of its owner.

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One of its most important features is that it is a sporty and graceful dog with a large bud. Where the German Shepherd dog is characterized by movement and lasting activity.

The German Shepherd Dog combines the advantages of escort and the advantages of safe companionship It can be kept safely at home. It is a fierce dog that can be used for security and security a lot, as it is from the best dogs for kids and women. There are many colors for this type of dog, as there are red, black and white. It also features two types of fur, one long and one short.

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Australian shepherd from best dogs for kids

Be active and smart and your children will gladly participate in playing ball, trips to the beach, running in the yard, All these features make the Australian Shepherd Dog a great companion for children, It also facilitates education quietly and respects good behavior.

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Terrier dog

Terrier is a gentle breed, suitable for families. Usually, the dog is about 20-24 “tall and weighs up to 45-80 lbs. This breed is from medium to large dogs,  it is best dogs for kids and distinguished by its common interests with children. This dog is very friendly, loving and obedient, and the dog is also agile.

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Rottweiler dog

Among the most popular dogs, As one of the dogs loved by everyone because of its wonderful qualities. The Rottweiler dog is used for guarding homes and also goes on the list of the best guard dogs in the world. This dog is characterized by its extreme intelligence, its lack of barking and its loyalty to its owner That drives him to sacrifice himself in order to defend him, and he is also very quick to understand He can fully perform the required exercises and tasks.

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Siberian Husky dogs from best dogs for kids

This is one of the types of dogs that have been raised in homes recently, Especially in the United States because it has all the shape and eye color very distinctive. Keeping Husky dogs at home needs some important equipment, You also need to have a kennel with some specifications. This breed of dog is overactive, Which needs you to follow it permanently and provide a suitable environment for it.

Therefore, we do not recommend raising them if you are raising dogs for the first time because it needs some experience, especially with regard to training and unloading its energy. Husky can be used as a home dog with the ability to work and accompany humans. It can also be raised with children if you know how to properly train them.

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find the best dogs for kids

When the time comes to find the best dogs for kids, you should ask experienced dog breeders Because they are familiar with the characteristics and tastes of dogs. You can ask experienced dog breeders to guide you on dogs that suit your children’s lifestyle. If you want a purebred dog, you should resort to a reputable dog breeders.

If you want to get a purebred dog from a breeder, look for breeders with a good reputation. And talk to other dog lovers in your area, Your vet will also be able to advise you, Once you choose the right breeder, you will spend a lot of time looking for a purebred dog that is suitable for you and your family.

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to find the best dogs for kids you must know An experienced and responsible breeder will know puppies and parents well and exchange information freely about them, Finally comes the house Owning a dog is a great way to enrich your child’s growth, Create beautiful memories to cherish and preserve for years to come.

Also, the relationship between dogs and kids must be magical. But remember, though, your work is not finished. This is because the process of training the dog and your children together is a long-term project, Ownership of dogs is always associated with responsibility. Good luck and have fun!


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