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blood in the dog stool

blood in the dog stool, main reasons

blood in the dog stool, main reasons, Walking with our pets is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day, But in addition to enjoying the moment when we have to be attentive to the sediments of our animal, You can tell us a lot about her health.

It may sound unpleasant, But taking a look at the stool will help us know if our dog is feeling well or if he has any problems with his digestive or intestinal system. In these cases, one of the situations that causes the most impressive bloody stool is found.

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blood in the dog stool, main reasons

blood in the dog stool because of Parvo

It is a serious disease that especially affects puppies. In these cases, In addition to blood stools, we can notice other symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and lethargy.

This disease can become fatal, So if your dog suffers from these symptoms it is necessary to go immediately to the vet.

blood in the dog stool because of Intestinal parasites

Getting rid of dog inner worms is essential to their health and ours. It can cause many parasites such as nematodes or triceps in the blood.

In these cases the treatment is simple. The vet will determine which parasite will prescribe the appropriate medications.

blood in the dog stool because of Changes in food

It may seem to us that dogs can eat everything, but it really isn’t. Its digestive system is sensitive and we should not make a radical change in food.

When changing your feed type, you must gradually introduce a new one to become your stomach.

Diet changes may be behind blood in the stool, But it may also be due to some anaphylaxis and even the dog has eaten spoiled food.

blood in the dog stool because of Cancer or tumor

Blood in the stool can be cancer or a tumor. Hence it is one of the first reasons that a veterinarian tries to rule out.

All of these cases we have seen may be the cause of bloody stool in dogs, but they are not the only ones. It can also be an intestinal obstruction or swelling in the abdomen.

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blood in the dog stool, what I do?

If we notice something wrong with our pet, We must check the gums to see if they are pale. Other symptoms that should alert us are vomiting and diarrhea or that the dog is not operating normally.

If we notice that the dog is not feeling well and we also see blood in the stool, It is time to go to the vet as soon as possible.

It is recommended to take one stool sample for the analysis of parasites. It is important that the stool collected from the specialist be no more than 12 hours, Because in this case, it is not possible to perform a reliable analysis.

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blood in the dog stool, what is the cure?

When a dog comes to the vet, many tests are usually performed, Including stool analysis, blood and urine tests, Personal thrombosis, abdominal ultrasound, and even endoscopy.

The treatment to apply in each specific case will depend on the cause that gave rise to the pathology.

Have you ever had this kind of problem with your pet? We would like to know about your experience.

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Blood color in dog stools

Dog fecal examination is a basic routine that must be performed by any daycare provider. In fact, there are many types of feces in dogs and their meaning varies according to color, consistency, frequency, or frequency.

However, if you came here to ask why my dog was in the blood, You should know that there are two types of medicinal blood in the stool: hematuria and lichen. These types of bowel movements indicate blood in the dog’s feces.

It is very important to be clear about the differences between both types, as this diagnostic diagnosis is: Bloody defecation: the presence of new blood in the stool. This blood has a bright red color in the stool.

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blood in dog stool bright red

Causes of hematuria in dogs

Contrary to what happens with humans, blood disease does not refer to hemorrhoids in dogs. In any case, if your dog has blood, it is best to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible because it can be a serious cause. New blood causes, that is to say, bright red color can be very diverse:

blood in the dog stool because of Vermin:

The presence of intestinal parasites in dogs is one of the most common causes of new blood in the stool. The most involved parasites are nematodes, Like hookworms and triple filaments, but protozoa like coccidiosis can also cause bloody occurrence. The vet will take tests, From your dog’s feces, the parasite that is on it can be identified and describes the treatment that is best for your dog.

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blood in the dog stool because of Parvovirus:

Parvovirosis dogs are a particularly serious disease that mainly affects puppy dogs and all those dogs that have not been properly vaccinated and vaccinated. A dog infected with Parvovirus may vomit, develop diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite and fresh blood in the stool. Parvovirus is a disease that can be fatal, so it is advised to start treatment quickly, note the first symptoms.

blood in the dog stool because of Nutrition:

Breastfeeding may cause irritation of the colon, diarrhea, and fresh blood in your dog. In this case, we can also monitor the mucus in the dog’s feces. Any dietary modification could have similar effects, so if you’re going to change your dog’s food, It is best to do it gradually for a week. If the change in diet is very sudden, it may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Even a simple new treatment that can cause colitis in some highly sensitive dogs and may explain the presence of new blood in the stool. Other nutritional causes of fresh blood in stools can be food intolerance and food allergies.

blood in the dog stool because of Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis:

Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis is a condition whose origin is difficult to determine. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, and too much blood in the dog’s stools. If your dog has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, you may need to treat fluids, medications, and even hospital food.

blood in the dog stool because of Rectal wounds:

Your dog may have eaten a sharp object, such as a stick or bone. This organism, by following the intestinal tract, can corrode the intestinal wall of the lower part of the digestive system. It is usually possible to observe this object in the dog’s feces And control the presence of possible wounds in the rectum or swelling.  Another cause of fresh blood in the stool is polyps through the rectum,  It is an abnormal growth that can usually be diagnosed by a veterinarian by means of a rectal contact or endoscopy. Sometimes this can be carcinogenic, so you should ensure control by a veterinarian.

blood in the dog stool because of Stress:

In some cases, a stressful event can waste your dog. Some examples are a step, a pension for dogs or a new dog home. Find out what to do if your dog is squeezed.

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blood in the dog stool and Diarrhea

If you notice that your dog is experiencing heavy blood in the dog stool diarrhea, you should go to the vet promptly. Because liquid stools usually turn dry, which will rapidly worsen your dog’s health.

Again, the reasons vary, Although the most serious disease that can cause diarrhea with blood in dogs is the bulb virus, Which we have already mentioned in the causes of hematosis, or dog disease, Also known as plague, another life-threatening disease. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to hospitalize the dog and administer the serum.

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Treating blood in stool

Treating blood in the dog stool, feces will be closely related to the causes that cause it. Thus, if we notice a mane or bloody gland, we will go directly to the specialist, Preferably with the faecal sample, in this way, a trusted veterinarian can analyze it under a microscope and determine the cause of its appearance.

blood in the dog stool, From a specialist diagnosis we will prescribe a treatment. Remember that self-medication for a dog can be harmful to his health, and even in some cases, We can greatly exacerbate the image. probably, In addition to the veterinary recipe, the specialist tells us that we should provide our dog with a wet digestive food or a soft diet based on rice and chicken, And in this case without the carrots that we add in the article.

This article is informative, and we have no authority to prescribe veterinary treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in the event of any kind of condition or discomfort.

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My dog ​​has bloody diarrhea.

There are two main reasons why blood in the dog stool, alongside feces as diarrhea, One of them is really disturbing.

blood in the dog stool, Lack of intestinal flora and intestinal irritation can lead to some blood drops with diarrhea, Sometimes we appreciate intestinal mucus.

blood in the dog stool, To solve this problem clearly we must look for the cause of diarrhea and also restore the intestinal flora of our dog. We should go to a veterinarian to determine the origin and prescribe the appropriate medication.

blood in the dog stool, Some really serious diseases like parvovine virus can cause dogs symptoms, Severe and bloody diarrhea. Needless to say, we should go to the veterinarian urgently if the symptoms of the Paravovirus coincide with the symptoms of our puppy.

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blood in the dog stool from intestinal parasites

There is a wide range of intestinal parasites that can cause a dog to infect a strong dog with a few drops of blood or even have soft tube rings or diarrhea.

blood in the dog stool, There are monthly and quarterly treatments to prevent our dog from parasites, Using this pill (which the vet will give us).

However, not all parasites die, and some how giardia is very resistant and requires stronger and more persistent treatment.

So even if you think your dog doesn’t contain parasites, It is possible that this is the cause of defecation in the blood.

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Poor digestion of food, sticks, and toys

We all know the shape of dogs, if they hold a stick, they knock them out until they are undone … Swallow many fragments. The same goes for playing … they can break it and swallow it some sharp piece.

blood in the dog stool, Even the bones can cause some small tear if they are digested well, Hence the importance of not giving cooked bones to our dogs.

Usually when sticks or food residue is defecated, poor digestion occurs when bleeding occurs Due to some scratches in the intestine or in the anus itself (sphincter).

Although she was absolutely certain it was an isolated episode that didn’t require much importance, We must pass a mandatory review at the veterinarian. This way, you can see if there is any rest left or is blocked or similar …

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Constipation and blood on the stern

blood in the dog stool, It may seem like a joke but the truth is that there are many dogs that suffer from severe constipation, Because of a bad diet based on very astringent ingredients.

Dog food makers (forage / balanced / croquette) become obsessed with dog stools, So they add many medicinal ingredients.

We are dog owners, and also unintentionally, we became obsessed with their stools always difficult … In fact, it will be normal for your stools to be fairly soft.

blood in the dog stool, Constipation can cause small bleeding as a result of the effort the dog must do to defecate. However, it is impossible to determine the true cause without a veterinary review.

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blood in the dog stool is hidden

We will not always realize that our dog is defecating with blood, as blood is hidden many times in stool and invisible.

blood in the dog stool, Only by studying feces (at the veterinary clinic) it will be possible to know if there is blood hidden in the breeches of our dog. This can be caused by illness, digestive problems, things eaten, etc …

Even taking the medication can cause bleeding, which is reflected in the feces of our dog.

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blood in the dog stool Light or dark blood?

blood in the dog stool, The color of the blood can give us some clues as to its origin.

blood in the dog stool, If we see dark blood in the dog’s feces, it means that the blood has passed through the digestive system and part of it has been absorbed.

blood in the dog stool, If the blood is clear, this indicates that bleeding occurred after passing through the digestive system, So it can be internal wound, fissure, and anger …

No matter the color, the vet should always evaluate it Because the reasons can be so many that it can not be determined without complete veterinary analysis.

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Should I consult a vet?

Of course, when you see blood in your dog’s stools, It is recommended that you collect a sample and go to the vet with a stool sample and with our dog.

The vet will perform a medical examination for our dog We will analyze the samples to determine the origin of the bleeding and assess whether it is a dangerous thing or something specific.

There are no home magic cures or grandma’s tricks that deserve, Only a veterinarian can help us with these cases. If your financial resources do not allow you to go to a veterinarian, go to an animal shelter.

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Why poop my dog ​​with mucus?

We have to make it very clear that the dog tube has certain mucus, Because the intestine itself greases the colon in favor of intestinal transit.

To this, we must add substances that secrete our dog’s glands when defecating. So I miss her, our dog poop looks dry instead of something lubricated.

However, excess lubricant in the stool can give mucus sensation, The gel is somewhat white and green in appearance. It’s like a layer of mucus covering your stool, which is visible.

He explained that, and the main reasons behind having a dog with mucus are:

  • Intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • Colitis / intoxication / diet changes / intolerance
  • Parasites and/or polyps
  • UFOs

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Disruption of intestinal bacteria causes mucus

We all have gut bacteria that are responsible for digesting food or converting it into a digestible substance. There are good bacteria for the digestive system and harmful bacteria.

Despite what we believe, there must be a natural balance between them. When an imbalance occurs by excessive growth of harmful bacteria or by beneficial bacteria, excess mucus is produced.

There are many factors that can affect the wrong intestinal flora, Because it’s actually called intestinal microorganisms. From illness to fermented food, not to forget factors like stress itself.

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Mucus in the stool from food

If the food is bad for our dog, it will generate a reaction in his intestines that can lead to mucus in the stool. This is due in particular to the netting of the intestinal microflora.

blood in the dog stool, It can cause food intolerance or allergies, like any product that can poison our dog, Fecal mucus and diarrhea. In addition to a possible rash.

Nutrition is a major factor, so it might just be something our dog eats and sits poorly, Or something more dangerous like undiagnosed intolerance.

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Intestinal parasites cause stool mucus

We don’t get tired of recommending our worms internally as many times as our vet recommends. Some dogs live in high-risk places And they need to get rid of worms more often than others.

blood in the dog stool, Yes, intestinal parasites also known as intestinal worms can cause mucus in the back of the dog, Among many other things. If we value the yellow and mucus tube,
Or a dark tube, but also with mucus and small white dots, How small rice grains in feces … parasites.

But be careful, not all parasites are visible in the stool. It may be that our dog has parasites and cannot be detected, except through a veterinary review. Benign tumors can also cause mucus and blood in the stool.

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Foreign bodies that irritate the digestive system

blood in the dog stool, We already know how dogs are the same ones that eat feed with a small stick, a piece of plastic, or even a ball. If we feel overwhelmed … either by hunger or by playing, they can swallow anything.

blood in the dog stool, Some foreign bodies may be sharp or sharp and cause intestinal irritation, Which in turn will produce mucus in the stool, sometimes accompanied by blood and/or diarrhea.

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What disease does my dog ​​suffer from if it detects a dark and unpleasant smell in his blood?

blood in the dog stool, New blood is not as worrying as this. If you notice intestinal motions black mucus and its smell, We are talking about a type of blood called a mare, and it is usually a symptom of a serious disease. This type of blood in the stool may indicate that the dog has a tumor and is poisoned by a drug that is harmful to him, or that the last surgery did not work well.

blood in the dog stool, If you live in a country house, and be careful of pesticides or toxins that you use to get rid of insects, You will know that your dog has eaten it by using the mare. In the same way that a pervovirus can occur in young puppies, Warning with red blood, in already very old dogs, black blood can indicate a tumor. To reassure you, we have to tell you that if you have a wound on one leg, it is normal to lick and swallow the same blood and be what you see when examining the stool.

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If you have had surgery for three days or less and have this color in your blood, It is possible that something will go wrong during the surgery, contact the person responsible for your intervention again to have it checked.

blood in the dog stool, As you can see, blood in stool is not good news. If it is red, there is probably something that can be easily cured, It is worse if we talk about black blood, but even in these cases, nothing may be dangerous. To get rid of doubt, contact us. From Barkibu we want to remind you of this article how important it is to regularly check your dog’s stool.

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