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can a dog have autism

can a dog have autism? Learn about this behavior now

can a dog have autism?, Animals suffer from autism and mental illnesses such as humans. From depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder to addiction, Many mental symptoms appear on dogs, cats, horses and even polar bears and birds. Perhaps the biggest cause of these diseases is death, He also got with the Flint chimpanzees in Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Flint suddenly became introverted after his mother died, and he stopped eating. He then rested near his mother’s carcass and died.

His story was told by Jane Goodall (British specializing in primate behavior, anthropology) In her 2010 book, she claims he was suffering from depression. Mental illness in animals takes many forms, Some pet birds pluck their feathers, some dog anxiously touch their tails or claws, Some animals are also known for self-harm!

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can a dog have autism?

yes, a dog have autism,  These are ways to treat this behavior ( a dog have autism ) :

If you suspect that your dog has autism, you should go to your veterinarian for advice. There is no cure for autism but the vet will check your dog, He may prescribe some medications that help the dog to easily deal with everyone, You must show your dog love, appreciation and attention, Although they are unable to show any of their behaviors they will feel safe and secure, which is good for dogs, It is important that there are no changes in dogs’ daily routine and behavior, such as home changes.

Causes of Autism for Dogs:

One of the most important reasons dog has autism is more likely in dogs is “congenital”, It is a known type of absence of neuronal reflection in the brain, Scientists thought autism was something the dog saw about one parent or another relative, This means that dog cannot transform themselves into autism, Fahad inherited this behavior at birth, And some people think that one of his father took vaccinations that he didn’t need, Or it may have been exposed to some toxins .

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autistic dogs

As for autism, it is a behavior that many people have denounced as non-existent. Scientists have discussed it for decades, Scientists who study neurons say that when these cells are lost, they can cause autism from dog. It depends on the pet owner follows the behavior and watching him and knows how to behave with him.

Many scientists believe that animals also suffer from depression, but because animals cannot speak, depression is often difficult to diagnose.

Therefore, scientists rely on observations of behavior and mood clear, so researchers do not like the use of the word (depression), but (behavior similar to depression).

Take, for example, the Artur Bear, where life has stopped since the death of his beloved (from cancer) in 2012.

He refused to communicate with other animals, only bending his head just as if he were crying over the ruins.

He spent his last years advancing up and down. He was also seen running around from side to side and showing his teeth as a sign of discomfort.

He lost his desire to eat and lost a lot of weight.

Arturo was named the saddest polar bear in the world, the last captive polar bear in Argentina and died at the age of 30 in 2016.

He has been a resident of the Mendoza Zoo since the age of eight, and a worldwide campaign to free him from the Argentine Zoo moved after his depression.

The campaigners wanted to take him to Canada to “a more convenient zoo away from the high temperatures in Argentina.”

More than half a million signatures have been collected demanding his transfer, but the zoo’s director at the time thought Arturo was too old to be moved safely.

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can a dog be autistic

Because dog can’t autism or develop autism, Autism is a genetic trait of parents, and this behavior appears in older dogs, You should monitor your dog’s behavior so that you can treat and diagnose autistic dog.

A 2015 study by the American College of Veterinary Behavior found that autistic-like behaviors appear in animals.

Its symptoms are tail chasing, social withdrawal, phobias and stare quietly into space.

The researchers found that tail-chasing is common among male dogs, often during a condition that suggests the dog is absent, or dog have autism.

They found that dogs, described as autistic, showed key biomarkers that resembled autistic children – higher levels of the hormone that secretes neurotensin and corticotropin.

This recurring behavior has been shown to occur in dogs with fragile X chromosome syndrome, a genetic defect, one of the causes of autism and multiple types of mental retardation.

In the end, it is not important that we treat that disease and we should not consider it a disease.

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I think my dog has autism

Autism Symptoms, It is very difficult for dog owners to know or discover that his dog has autism. Some symptoms of an autistic dog:
1. We notice that an autistic dog is doing an action over and over again, doing the same routine and daily behavior
2. Note that the dog is doing embarrassing behaviors with other dogs or with the owner of the dog, to express to others the satisfaction of other people and animals
3. Often the dog cannot declare to others that she is afraid or sad and is unable to communicate feelings to others
4. We notice that the dog’s behavior is limited, for example when we bring him a new toy, we do not want to try new things
5. Observe on dogs with breeds that have high energy We note that the dog suddenly decreased his energy and tired in the day from time to time, and can not express enthusiasm and energy.
6. We note that dog with autism exhibit compulsory behaviors around their food bowl and toys. This is called compulsive behavior.


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