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can dog eat eggshells
can dog eat eggshells

can dog eat eggshells? benefits and harms

can a dog eat eggshells? It might be a little strange that eggshell is one of the most beneficial foods for dogs, As many studies and research have proven that eggshells have amazing benefits for dogs Because it contains many nutrients useful to dogs.

Elements such as calcium, protein and other beneficial elements that dogs need on a daily basis, On our site, we received many questions about can dog eat eggshells? and the benefits of eggshell for dogs, So today we will learn together how to use eggshell as a dog food and its benefits for the dogs general health.

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can dog eat eggshells? and What are the benefits of eggshells for dogs?

Eggshells are an important source of calcium

Many dog breeders and owners may permanently get rid of eggshells and are unaware of its amazing benefits that should be utilized, Eggshell contains calcium as an essential ingredient and important nutrient, so eating it is very beneficial to keep dogs healthy, protect them from osteoporosis and protect their teeth from diseases. So you must give the dog the eggshells to eat it

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reduces cholesterol

dog eat eggshells Because it has several benefits, and Many people recently suffer from obesity problems in dogs, which in turn raises cholesterol in the blood, This is one of the benefits of eggshell for dogs as it helps reduce cholesterol in the blood It stimulates the immune system, which helps maintain healthy blood, bones, and teeth for dogs. Eggshell contains many minerals that protect dogs from disease and feed them well, including magnesium and potassium.

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can my dog eat eggshells

Yes, it is a very strong element and is very rich in calcium and helps the dog or puppy to grow properly the skeleton without problems or osteomalacia, It helps to get the dog’s ears erect, and helps the pups’ teeth grow either at the time of first-time dental growth or at the time of switching.

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can dog eat eggshells? and How to use eggshells in dog meals?

1- To take advantage of the benefits of eggshells for dogs, the eggshell must be boiled for a period of not less than five minutes to make sure that the harmful bacteria in the eggshell disappear These bacteria are Salmonella bacteria that can cause dog poisoning and rapid death. This step is considered an important step unless it is boiled before and then it can be abandoned.

2- The peel is left after boiling it to dry completely and then grind it well Until we notice that it has become very fine, then keep it in a closed container for use at any time, dog eat eggshells and Crushed eggshell is used as an effective dog food supplement, Where it is placed with dog food, especially if the dog is used to eating cooked foods and not dried foods This is because dried foods contain a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, If you want to provide eggshells to the dog with his dried food because of the dog’s weakness or for any reason, you should consult your veterinarian about this.

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How much can dog eat eggshells

3- A quarter of a tablespoon of eggshell is served to a dog weighing 5 kilograms or less. For a dog that weighs 10 kilograms, half a tablespoon of ground eggshell is served. But when the dog weighs about 27 kilograms, one tablespoon of eggshell is served to the dog. Thus, the higher the dog’s weight, the greater the crushed eggshell provided to him.

There are many ways and meals that are prepared at home for the dog to eat eggshells. To learn more, you can visit this link ” Can Dogs Eat Eggs? and eggs raw? “.

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can dog eat eggshells and What are its harms?

There is no harm when dog eat eggshells, Except in these cases:

1- If a bird carries a disease such as bird flu, this will affect the eggs of birds that carry the disease, and this can harm your dog.

2- Salmonella comes through the contamination of eggshells, and this is due to crusts that are often contaminated with feces and excretion of birds.
You should not give the eggshells to your dog without putting it in hot water for at least five minutes and washing it with water well

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