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can dogs eat pork

can dogs eat pork? And correct feeding methods

can dogs eat pork? Pork may seem like a good snack for dogs as it is rich in protein. However, it is also extremely high in fat. The fat content of pork is higher than other types of meat, This high-fat content makes digestion difficult for dogs. Just like humans, dogs should not have a lot of fat in their diet. Although they need a small amount, However, most dog food provides all the fats a dog needs.

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can dogs eat pork?

can dogs eat pork? the short answer is No. Uncooked pork is not safe for dogs to eat, It can lead to serious health problems. Just as with humans, eating raw or undercooked pork can be deadly for canines. Raw pork contains a parasite called trichinella screwworm larvae, Which can cause a parasitic infection known as trichinosis? This can lead to major health problems for you and your dog.

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Contents of pork and a dog’s diet

Pork contains high levels of protein, up to 81%. The rest of the fat. Pork also contains vitamin C, vitamin B12, niacin, phosphorous, zinc, iron, and selenium.

On the other hand, dogs are omnivores. This means that they are designed to get almost all nutrients and energy from meat. It was found that the diet of dogs is very similar to the diet of wolves,
Wolves prefer a diet with a protein-fat ratio of 54: 45: 1, While dogs prefer a diet with a ratio of protein and fat 30: 63: 7. Therefore, their favorite diets are exactly the same, Where they prefer to eat large amounts of protein and fats, While they prefer to eat low amounts of carbohydrates. In other words, Pork fits well with a dog’s diet.

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Pork contains a parasite devil’s larvae

In fact, dogs refuse to eat pork, Because it contains a parasite diabolical spiral larvae, Known in the medical field as (trichomonas trichinosis), And which affects rats, pigs, and humans in particular.

This parasite causes stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, lethargy, muscle inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Complications include perforation of the stomach wall and intestinal obstruction, It also causes stomach ulcers and internal bleeding.

And this parasite only dies when pork is cooked well. So that the meat is not undercooked or undercooked. After that, dogs can eat pork.

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can dogs eat pork? The following rules must be adhered to

Raw pork increases the risk of infection with parasites, so it is recommended to fully boil it; Pathogens do not die even with severe freezing.

It is forbidden to give pork bones to a dog – In raw form they can also be sources of pathogens, And in the boil, it contains a lot of fat and is practically not digested; It is recommended to purchase only the product that has passed the health check.

Like other types of meat, pork contains nutrients – Vitamins, mineral components, and amino acids. Plus, it is rich in protein. So , Using a small amount of a quality product, the animal’s body can also benefit.

Meat is an important part of a dog’s diet. But, as it turns out, it can also be a threat to an animal. The owner should be aware of these nuances and more carefully include some types of it in the diet, such as pork.

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Do hungry dogs eat pork?

A Palestinian fisherman caught a wild boar And he tried to feed him to his hungry dogs Experience him to see how these dogs eat pork.

Strangely enough, all of these dogs love all kinds of food it refused to eat pork and ate everything Except for pork and I left it without approaching it.

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Dogs refuse to eat pork because it contains trichinosis, And not for a religious reason because the reason for its prohibition applies to humans and not animals. But a person can understand from these experiences The extent of pork slag and its harm to the health system, As an abomination, anything is filthy, impure, and stinky

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