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can dogs eat walnuts

can dogs eat walnuts? important information!!

can dogs eat walnuts?, Some dogs love nuts. If you own one of these dogs and you are reading this, I have bad news, unfortunately. There are many types of nuts that you should not eat. Walnut is one of them.

can dogs eat walnuts?

Dogs aren’t really meant to eat any kind of nuts, Although many of them enjoy their taste (Although dogs may enjoy more salty spices than the nuts themselves – which exhibit their own dangers).
While some nuts, like almonds, are not toxic to dogs, It is very high in fat.
In large quantities, any type of nut can be fatal. Either by causing pancreatitis (due to high-fat consumption) or salt toxicity.
Many dogs, just like people, are allergic to some nuts. A severe reaction can cause your throat and nose to swell quickly, Which leads to the suffocation of the dog to death. Dogs don’t need nuts as part of their diet, So it is best to be safe and avoid them completely.

Nuts also tend to be larger than nuts like peanuts or pistachios. Dogs don’t chew their food just as humans do, So the larger nuts, like nuts, More difficult to digest. Unprocessed large nuts can obstruct the dog’s bowel movement.

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Why are walnuts ‌toxic?

can dogs eat walnuts?, While nuts are technically non-toxic to dogs, Nuts can be the cause of major issues in the digestive system. It can cause everything from gastrointestinal upset (A fictional term for stomach and stomach disorders) to a stuffy stomach Which is very dangerous. It takes a long time for acorns to degrade stomach dogs, That is why it may lead to its blockage.

In addition, the nut is easy to throttle. If you are a dog owner or if you have a vague idea of ​​what a dog is, You probably know that dogs tend to put a blanket on their food. There is a risk that your dog will not chew properly before it swallows nuts, Which makes the nut dangerous to choke in.

In addition, all nuts contain high levels of fat, It can lead to stomach pain for dogs, so it is best to avoid them.

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Can dogs eat walnuts and pecan?

No, and for all the same reasons as nuts. Not only is it rich in fat, but it is very large and difficult to digest. Another frequent problem for dogs and nuts is an upset stomach if they eat a lot.

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What to do if the dog is eating nuts?

If the dog accidentally swallows a small number of nuts, watch it, but do not panic. Like many other nuts, Nuts are not very good for dogs, but a very small amount may not harm them. If they are eating a large number of nuts, Or they appear to have a throat injury, or have stomach problems after consuming them, Call your vet immediately. Additionally, if the dog consumes moldy nuts (or any other type of moldy nuts), Call your vet. Moldy nuts and other rotting nuts can contain fungal toxins for worms, Which can cause seizures in dogs.

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can dogs eat walnuts? Conclusion

There is no real benefit to giving your walnut dog, And it comes with a lot of risks. It is best to avoid giving your walnut dog, And so are most other nuts.

Remember, if you have ever had concerns about your dog’s diet Or questions about providing new food, always contact your vet.

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