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can dogs smell cancer

can dogs smell cancer? Interesting facts

can dogs smell cancer? It is known that the sense of smell in the dog excels and exceeds the sense of smell in humans, But no one knows how far the dog’s nose capacity limits; The dog can be trained to detect explosives and drugs and can track the smell of a missing person, It can sniff the blood sugar level for diabetics, But the most important question now is can dogs smell cancer ? If you want a brief answer, yes the dog can smell cancer, but the longer answer is more interesting. Dogs are exceptional creatures that guard and guide us, They became alert to diseases even before the results of laboratory tests.

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can dogs smell cancer?

We know that a dog can smell cancer in the human body But the question now is how does the dog detect cancer in the human body?

Dogs and humans have been living side by side for hundreds of thousands of years; And that amazing connection that we share with our dogs today Is the result of the emotional attachment that occurred between the first pet dog and its owner; Humans and dogs need each other to survive.

As a result of the developed sense of smell in dogs they can smell the weak and sick animals The animal will be easily eliminated from the healthy animal.

Dogs can now smell the disease in humans as a result of their evolution as predators.

Dogs do not need these days to use their sense of smell in order to smell a sick animal, But they use their nose to smell the weakness and disease in humans as a means of self-preservation, It also alerts them the basic instinct as the presence of any bug may affect our ability to provide shelter and food for them.

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How the dog’s nose works:

The dog depends on his sense of smell in order to roam the world, The aromatic crust in the dog’s nose is 40 times larger than that found in humans, Man does not need such a size because he uses the vision to roam the world.

While humans have nearly 5 million odor receptors, the dog has 300 million. They even have an extra olfactory device called Jacobson, It is considered a second nose present in order to improve the process of smell in dogs.

Therefore, the dog can differentiate between trillions of smells while man cannot differentiate between 3 types of cheese smell.

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can dogs detect cancer?

Cancer cells produce a substance consisting of organic substances that have a specific smell. Some oncologists say they can smell that smell in the breath from the mouth of a patient with cancer of the 3 or 4 grade. Therefore yes the human may smell that smell too but dogs can smell the smell of cancer from the first stage.

There are many stories of dogs that made their owners realize they had cancer For example, a dog whose behavior suddenly changed and for no apparent reason, The dog became depressed, He was permanently sniffer for his owner’s chest The owner conducted a breast cancer test but the result was negative, The disease was only detected when part of the patient’s chest was analyzed, The result was her cancer in the first stage, This is one of the best stages in which the disease is detected Dogs can redefine the survival rate Of five-year cancer.

Another example of a dog that never stopped snorting a mole in a man’s owner It turned out that the mole is not benign but skin cancer.

Dogs have the ability to smell the smell of the organic ingredient caused by cancer in the skin, chest, borstate and others.

Dogs that are trained to discover medical diseases can learn to refer to their trainers When you discover a smell of cancer in the samples taken Some dogs have been trained to differentiate between different types of cancer.

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Types of cancer that dogs can detect:

  • Bowel cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • skin cancer

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can dogs detect cancer?

Certainly there are some species that have a stronger sense of smell than other species, But this does not mean that there are specific species better at detecting the smell of cancer than other types. It is about the nature of the dog as there are many dogs failed in training because they are distracted by other odors.

Most dogs who are interested in the different scents around them can be trained to detect specific scents and alert their owners; But untrained dogs can smell cancer and don’t be interested Even if he is interested he will not think we are interested in knowing it He will not try to communicate with us about it. There are some cases that the dog tries to alert the owner But often people don’t notice what their dog is trying to tell them.

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Talented Breeds: Which of the dogs are best at smelling

Dogs can smell better than us 100,000 times However, the fact that some dogs do not have a sense of supernatural smell does not mean they are at a lower level They can still smell much better than us. However, there are some factions that are known to have distinct smelling skills, including:

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Why are there no cancer-detecting dogs in every hospital?

Training one dog to detect cancer in a sick body requires a lot of time, energy and resources; The group of small dogs trained in studies to detect the presence of cancer and Works on a small scale.

Dogs smell 8 samples of urine and have to detect any sample containing cancer and when they are found, they are rewarded; The dog owner rewards the dog when it identifies a patient or sample that contains cancer, But what will happen if no one knows if there is cancer to be detected; You can’t reward a dog for something you’re not 100% sure of.

What would happen if the dog smelled 100 patients and none of them had cancer, The dog will lose interest or confidence, When they do their work and do not receive a reward, they are trained to detect cancer and not to discover its absence.

That dogs are not machines of understanding, such as humans having bad days or not feeling willing to work at times; Therefore, in a world where time is equal to money and value is based only on productivity and results, the use of dogs is not effective.

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Dogs versus machinery: How can dogs help revolutionize disease detection?

Dogs may not be the future of the detection of cancer and other diseases They simply help researchers create electronic nose Which will be designed to detect the presence of diseases such as cancer and others at low cost. Dogs help scientists identify the odors of organic waste from cancer, And when determined by the dog’s nose, Scientists have to program the electronic nose on that component.

What makes dogs’ nose so special is that they can detect cancer at the beginning of its formation, The electronic nose must be able to do the same.

Despite the magnificence of science, the devices can not replace our need for dogs or nose.

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