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do my dogs love me

do my dogs love me?, and Signs that indicate this

do my dogs love me?, Once in your home, your dog is very happy to see you that he does not know what to do to prove it to you. The ritual is repeated over and over again. Once you open the door, your loyal friend is there, And ready to celebrate your return. It does not matter if you leave for one month, one day, one hour or 5 minutes.

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do my dogs love me

do my dogs love me?, Emotional intelligence for dogs

Experts note that dogs have an emotional intelligence comparable to that of a two-year-old.

In other words, they are like little children who have no problem expressing how they feel – Joy, sadness, pain, fear, and jealousy – but they cannot cause it.
They are also able to remember people and places.
But also, just as they do not understand the time and live only today. It will always be a joy to see you again.

He relaxes on your lap

Even if I am not asleep, you are also pets. They are looking for an excuse to lie on the legs of their caregivers. It is a symptom of wellness and while it may sometimes seem insistent, However, their position indicates a real desire to be on our side.

do my dogs love me?, Why are they smelling you and licking you?

In the wild, when a dog returned to its packaging, he was greeted with sticks and smell. In this way, The dogs that stayed in the packaging were looking for information about what the animal that separated from the group was doing.

Repeat this ancestral behavior, the dog licks you and inhales you when you return.

Remember that smell is the most developed dog’s sense. For this reason, they discover and distinguish a wide range of scents, Even many people who cannot perceive it. Its olfactory capacity is between 10,000 and 100,000 times higher than the human capacity. And the brain’s scent area is 40 times larger than ours.

For its part, licking is another way to communicate that pets use and learn from puppies, Currently, their mother licks them after feeding them, This gives them a state of calm, relaxation, and submission.

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do my dogs love me?, Want to play with you

For many years have passed, puppies that have always been kept inside. This may be the solution to wanting to play with a dog, It is an activity that creates a very special link. Whether it’s using balls, food, our hands, or objects of all kinds, It is worth living in this experience.

Reasons for the joy of the dog for the return of the owner

do my dogs love me?, What are the reasons the dog gets very happy when the master returns home?

Why is this festival of joy that translates into barking, ears, whining, tail movements, and facial licking? Why break you and sniff you?

Everything seems to indicate that, as an animal, the dog reproduces the same behaviors demonstrated by its predecessors When a group member returns to the group.

And don’t forget now that you and your family are part of your new package.

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do my dogs love me? The dog feels happy when he comes back because he loves you

do my dogs love me, But behind many theories and clarifications, the truth is that the dog that makes you party when you go home is the dog that loves you, He misses you and has no problem showing how happy he is to return.

All his love with the love and care that your partner deserves hair.

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When you talk, you seem to understand you

do my dogs love me, The curious shape that many of them use can make us think they fully understand what we mean. Before fighting for bad behavior or a reward for doing a good job, His face is able to express that emotion that they may think unimaginable in them.

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do my dogs love me, Do not be sad when you go to work

Contrary to what one might think, some dogs do not cry when a family member has left for a while, Compared to others who suffer from symptoms of stress. This does not mean that they do not want to be with them, but after they have acquired a routine, They may realize that these people will come back later.

do my dogs love me? Why are dogs excited to see their owner?

do my dogs love me, From the moment you are close to home, the dog waits at the door, restless. Once you see yourself coming in, he throws himself and tries to lick your face and fingers, He searches for your pamper, floats on the floor, jumps, and even, sometimes, pees. Does any of these scenes sound familiar? Then you will wonder why the dog is mad when you get home. In fact, for more than one reason, there are many factors that cause this behavior in a dog. We explain many of them:

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do my dogs love me, The relationship between the dog and the guardian

do my dogs love me, Many people believe that the affection that dogs feel for people is simply the result of being recognized as a food supplier, But this is not really true. Studies show that dogs are able to feel the true affection of his teachers.

In Atlanta, the neuroscientist Gregory Burns was discovered, Through MRI studies in dogs, they not only recognize us as members of another family, But they also keep a part of their minds to get information about a person, Like the affection they make for their family. The investigation showed that by identifying a person who is considered part of the family, Through senses such as scent, a happiness reaction similar to what happened when he receives a reward in the dog’s brain is activated.

do my dogs love me, Scientists have concluded that this reaction was similar to the reaction of humans when they were in the presence of a friend or family member. What does this mean? Your dog is happy when he is beside you! No wonder then that you feel excited when you get home.

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Catalysts, a key factor

do my dogs love me, For a moment, think about your dog’s routine when you’re at home? You not only feed and serve him, but you play with him too, you give love, you talk to him, He accompanies you around the house, among other acts. Now, imagine what you do when you are home alone all day.

do my dogs love me, What do dogs feel when left alone at home? Dogs remember and miss their owners, so, most likely, You can get bored a lot during the time you spend outside, especially if your role is to be alone. That is why your return does not only mean that he will be with you, but it is time to walk, play, and socialize.

do my dogs love me, When the attachment becomes a disorder?

do my dogs love me, Some dogs have a disorder called “separation anxiety” that always occurs in the absence of guardians. The most common is crying, destroying, urinating, defecating, or barking intently upon departure, In addition to showing a high level of tension. In these cases, dogs get excited when we get home, But it does so in an exaggerated way, and in addition, it is not positive for its well-being.

do my dogs love me, It is the problem of complex behavior of work and solution because in most cases professional assistance as a teacher, trainer, or scientist specializing in behavior modification. Dog Kong is one of the many tools used to work on it.

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do my dogs love me, Why does my dog get excited when he sees me?

do my dogs love me, Some dogs tend to show obvious excitement in situations that are unlikely to be for humans, Which causes discomfort in their fellow humans. why is that? First, it is necessary to make it clear that this reaction is not necessarily associated with a sexual stimulus. This means that the box in question is in a phase of enthusiasm. This excitement is usually common in puppies, who suffer from a stage of discovery, but it is also possible to estimate this in adult dogs.

do my dogs love me, Why is this happening? Usually when he’s in can be under stimuli that generate so much satisfaction, Either when he’s spoiled, when he plays games he loves when he encounters a lot of positive excitement. This erection is just a way to reflect the feelings he feels, and the dog cannot control it. However, this can also happen because you are excited if you have very high levels of stress.
If this situation is bothering you, avoid those triggers that cause this, Or, reduce the salutation when returning home so the dog can calm down and better manage his anxiety.

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do my dogs love me, Why does my dog move its tail when it sees me?

do my dogs love me, Although the dog is unable to communicate with words, However, he has a rich and varied body language that he always uses to interact with the environment. Humans are not always able to explain it, but the tail plays an important role in all of this. What do the dog’s tail movements mean? More specifically, what does moving it means when it sees us?

do my dogs love me, An investigation published in the journal’s current biology revealed that when dogs wag their tail to the right side, This means that she suffers from positive emotions while conveying her to the left carries negative emotions. why is that? Well, every hemisphere of the brain is responsible for controlling different emotions. right now, the Tail movement accompanies other signs, which help you decipher what your dog feels.

do my dogs love me, If the movement to the right is full of energy, accompanied by comfortable features and ears, then your dog will also be happy to see you, For your situation, some spoons may be added. On the contrary, if his tail moves from side to side slowly, he stares at you but without approaching and without wasting, This means that he feels insecure and tries to find out if he is facing a friend or foe. On the other hand, if you rock to the left, next to the big pupils, pointed ears, and tense muscles, The dog is defensive, ready to growl or attack.

This, of course, is a broad view. The truth is that if your dog wags its tail when it sees you, You should read not only this sign but also all messages that send you his position to discover how he feels.

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do my dogs love me, Why does my dog urinate when he sees me?

do my dogs love me, Many people complain that their dogs are very excited when they return home, And they end up urinating. This, of course, is not nice at all, It could become a real problem. Urination to passion is usually a common thing in puppies Because they have not yet been able to fully control their bladder. However, when it comes to adult dogs, it is time to do something about it.

do my dogs love me, In adult dogs, this is usually common among those who spend all day alone, Out of stimuli, so having human partners unleashes strong emotions, Sometimes they cannot be controlled so they take the dog to urinate. Above all, this happens only when you greet the dog because the greeting rituals are very important to them as well.

Now, what do you do about that? In the first place, reduce your own feelings when you get home, Leave the frantic caresses and loud calls later, as soon as the dog grasps that you are already home. A normal greeting until it calms down, over and over, will make this behavior disappear. In some more complex cases, when a dog has been abused by humans, he may urinate in fear.

In any case, if this behavior does not stop even if we try to work with it, then it is time to see a specialist. We’ll start by visiting a veterinarian to rule out health problems, and if that’s not the case, We will visit a physician, ethics, dog breeder, or trainer.

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