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facts for dogs

facts for dogs, You didn’t know her before! know now

facts for dogs, Dogs are a favorite pet all over the world, It is estimated that there are more than 525 million dogs on Earth today, Here are some facts about our beloved companions” dogs “.

Historians disagree about when and where humans first began domesticating dogs, It is believed that the first dogs are wolves that have domesticated themselves It was attracted for the first time to the first sites of human beings.

We also find that the remains of people who were buried with their dogs were discovered in Germany, Estimates indicate a time period of no less than 14,000 years, Dog remains were also found early in China, Between 5800 and 7000 BC, there’s even a cemetery for dogs in Utah where it’s estimated that it dates back 11,000 years.

The first recognized dog species date back to about 9000 BC, Perhaps this species is the type of greyhound used for hunting.

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facts for dogs, and Dog reverence

When a dog was dying in ancient Egypt, His companions, If they can, they will not fail to work towards embalming him with the same care that a member of the human family receives, Also, his friends were shaving their eyebrows as a sign of extreme sadness.

And in ancient China the belief was that dogs were a godsend, Her blood was considered so sacred that it was used to seal the faith and swear allegiance.

In the Americas, Mayan tribes kept dogs as pets, But she was also associated with the gods, The dogs were said to have been leading the souls of the dead through an expanse called Zebalpa, And when the soul reaches this underworld, The dog was helping to guide the deceased to cross the challenges put into place by the zebalba’s poles in order to reach heaven.

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facts for dogs, and the age of the dog from his face

Breeds of dogs with sharp-pointed faces, They usually live for years longer than flat-faced dogs, such as bulldogs and Asian dogs.

The kind of breeding that follows to make the dog’s face flat can lead to many health problems, including skin, eye and breathing problems, as well as poor heat resistance, The longer the dog’s nose is, the more effective it is in internal cooling.

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Toxic foods on dogs

Dogs should be protected from eating certain human foods even if they are in small quantities, Like grapes and raisins, because it contains an unknown substance that causes kidney failure in dogs, Macadamia nuts can damage the dog’s nervous system, Also, onions and garlic may harm red blood cells, As well as chocolate, avocado, and alcohol, as well as anything with caffeine, It can be fatal to the dog.

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facts on dogs, The power of smell

To put this judgment in perspective, a person can discover the scent of a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee, While the dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic-size swimming pools.

Some dogs were said to have smelled the scent of dead bodies under the water, It could also smell natural gas deposits 40 feet under the ground, It can even smell the scent of cancer in humans.

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Reading minds

Dogs can read minds, not literally, but they score excellent signs in body language reading, For example, a study during which a therapeutic substance was hidden under one of two inverted buckets, an individual stood behind the buckets to offer many signals to the body, like pertaining to or leaning toward one among the buckets.

When I experimented with chimps or 3-year-olds, Both were almost unable to interpret body signals until you learned what they meant, While dogs were able to immediately understand and distinguish the intended bucket.

Why is this happening? Scientists state that they have no explanation, but dogs are clearly adept at reading the signals of the human body.

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facts about dogs and humans

The intelligence of a child
Research at the University of British Columbia has revealed that dog intelligence can compete with a human child from two to two and a half years old, Even dogs can understand 150 to 200 words, and even count to 4 or 5, but deliberately deceive humans and other dogs to possess fun and celebrate with them.

Touch is the first sense
When a puppy is born, the first thing the mother does is clean it up, This process includes touching all nerve endings in the puppy’s body, which helps blood flow to all of its limbs, From these gentle beginnings, touch becomes part of the socialization of dogs, It strengthens the ties between friends and family members, both dogs and humans.

Touch is the first sense
When a puppy is born, the first thing the mother does is clean it up, This process includes touching all nerve endings in the puppy’s body, which helps blood flow to all of its limbs, From these gentle beginnings, touch becomes part of the socialization of dogs, It strengthens the ties between friends and family members, both dogs and humans.

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10 facts about dogs that many may not know:

1- facts on dogs, The name “Max” is the most famous name for male dogs in Britain, and the name “Bella” for girls is the equivalent of it.

2- facts for dogs, In 2008, the British police provided shoes for sniffer dogs to avoid being hit by broken glass crumbs on the street.

3- facts on dogs, The “Lawrence” dog is the only one who appeared on stage in one of William Shakespeare’s plays.

4- facts for dogs, Researchers in Britain found that most cases of “biting” dogs to citizens coincide with the full moon in the sky.

5- facts on dogs, The cartoonist Charles Adam married his third wife in a dog cemetery.

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6-  facts for dogs,  Alexander the Great gave his favorite dog the name of a city called “Barrett”.

7- facts on dogs, The Caribbean islands are also called Dogs.

8- facts for dogs,  The “Molousin” dog breed has gone extinct, which was said to have been fighting fierce battles with elephants and lions.

9- facts on dogs, Oxford English Dictionary uses the word “water dog” to express cosmetic products sometimes.

10- facts on dogs, The “St, Bernard” dogs are said to possess helped get obviate the robbers who were on the Alps.

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24 shocking facts you do not know about dogs

first facts, Dogs have three eyelids

Like humans, dogs have upper and lower eyelids, but they surpass humans in the presence of a third eyelid called a “nictitating membrane”, This eyelid has many functions for the dog, including removing any impurities or mucus near the eye and also to produce tears.

from facts for dogs, Domestic dogs can mate with wolves

Dogs and wolves still have very similar DNA, Therefore it is able to mate with each other and raise small puppies. The breeding resulted in a breed of dogs called “wolves”, an estimated 300,000 in the United States of America.

from facts for dogs, Some dogs have a popcorn-like leaky or fritos cracker

Many people may own dogs and they say their dogs have a filtrate that is very similar to popcorn and fritos crackers, Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with the nature of its food or its eating regimen, but it is due to the growth of bacteria on its paws.

from facts for dogs, Unlike most animal kingdoms, small dogs live longer than large ones

In most animal kingdoms, size is very related to the animal’s life and survival, but it is different with dogs, Scientists have been puzzled by the reason that small dogs are supposed to live longer than large ones, Some suggest that larger dogs grow their puppies more quickly and that speed may cause diseases that kill them, Small dogs live between 10 – 15 years, medium dogs live between 10 – 13 years, while large dogs live between 8 – 12 years.

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from facts for dogs, The dog’s ability to smell odors outperforms humans in stages

Dogs have a great sense of smell, and most people know, of course, However, what they may not know is that this sense exceeds 100,000 times the sense of smell in humans, She has about 300 million olfactory receptors in her nose. But humans have only 6 million of them.

from facts for dogs, Baboon animals sometimes hijack dogs

A video filmed in different regions showed that the Taif baboon kidnapped a puppy and was likely to have done so for a pet to take, It is known that these “baboon” animals kidnap their female members of the same species as well as do the same with dogs, But scientists have shown in studies that they do not hijack dogs for a pet, but there are other, unspecified reasons yet.

from facts for dogs, Dogs sweat from her paws

On hot summer days, dogs open their mouth regularly and periodically to lower their body temperature during the heat, She has only sweat glands in her paws, But these glands are not only responsible for regulating the temperature of their bodies, but also act as a component of female attraction.

from facts for dogs, Dogs can smell emotions and feelings

She can recognize your mood if you are freaky or anxious, Because when you become anxious, your body sweats very lightly.

from facts for dogs, Dogs dream and sleep just like humans

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Dogs dream of sleeping just like us, and if you really want to see it, Wait 20 minutes after sleep, and you will often notice his eye movement behind his eyelids as a sign of his reaction to what he sees in his dream.

from facts on dogs, Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic

The Titanic had numerous facilities and options for dogs. Dogs were considered an important category on board, Of the 12 dogs on board, he managed to survive only 3 dogs, one of the “bikini” type and two of the “Pomeranians”.

from facts for dogs, Bad dog mouth odor may be a sign of his poor health

In what is known as “evaporation,” that is, the dog’s bad breath, this may be the result of periodontal disease or diabetes, Respiratory problems, digestive problems, or something else entirely other than land, but it is always more likely that the matter will be related to the dog’s health and condition.

from facts for dogs, The dog’s fingerprint is unique and unique

Like our fingerprints, the lines on the dog’s noses are distinct and very unique and differ completely from each dog to another Thus dogs can be known from each other and distinguished from one another, In 1938, the Canadian Kennel Club identified and coded dogs through the noses of their noses.

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from facts on dogs, The “Turnspent” extinct dog was a fixed part of every kitchen

The extinct dog “Turnspent” or as it was known as “Vernibator core”, which is a word derived from the Latin word meaning “dog running the wheel”, This dog was used in the 16th century in English kitchens to spin a wheel like a hamster to help the meat level, Although this family is no longer present, but scientists believe that the closest family to it is the Welsh Corgi family.

from facts on dogs, Dogs can sense storms before they come

With its ability to detect atmospheric pressure drop and shifts in the field of static electricity, Dogs have a very strong sense of the coming storm before it happens, She also can hear thunder much before we hear it.

from facts for dogs, Stray Moscow city dogs know how to get around on the subway

Among the approximately 35,000 stray dogs roaming in Moscow, A few of them were able to know a way to take advantage of the complex metro system in Moscow for its transportation, Walk inside that train and move between its neighbors in Area A for example to those in Area B, It was noted that they abide by the traffic lights as well, The group of stray dogs sends them the most delicate dogs of the group to get good food, Very smart, isn’t it ?!

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from facts on dogs, In 1860 two lost dogs were allowed to roam freely in San Francisco

In 1860 the state of San Francisco passed a law against stray dogs as an attempt to solve that growing problem, In spite of this, two dogs were excluded from that law, “Boomer” and “Lazarus” later, due to their great ability to hunt and eat mice, It is worth noting that the rat problem was also exacerbated in the same state and these dogs were remarkably able to help them solve that problem, It was reported that the two dogs killed 400 mice in January alone.

from facts for dogs, Dog mustaches help her see in the dark

Dogs are very sensitive to any slight change in air currents, This is because dog mustaches act as receptors for dog-related information such as height, The shape and speed of the surrounding creatures and that ability allow them to see in the dark.

from facts on dogs, When dogs smell each other’s asses, this is their way to shake hands with each other

Dogs have an “anal bag” that releases chemicals They serve as information about each other’s dogs, With her amazing noses, she can learn about the dog’s sex, health system, health, and even the mood of the dog she knows.

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from facts for dogs, Puppies are born blind and deaf

When puppies are born their eyes are closed and their hearing channels are narrow enough to close, Both of her eyes and ears are still growing during the first days of her birth and her eyes and ears will not open until her growth is fully completed.

Evidence dogs can indicate their appearance by doing so

Dogs that serve as a guide for some people such as the elderly and the blind are wonderfully trained, and they are able to command and train them to do so, Coaches use many words to make this happen, such as “busy busy” or “go time”. Once the dog moves, The accompanying person can know whether the dog is urinating or defecating from the movement of his back and in this way distinguishes whether he will clean up behind him or not.

from facts on dogs, Dog IQ is equivalent to that of a two-year-old

According to scientific studies based on testing the language development of animals, dogs have shown that they have an IQ of a two-year-old, Most dogs can learn up to 165 words similar to a young child, Some of the smartest dog species have a total of 250 words that they can learn.

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from facts for dogs, Dogs urinate in alignment with magnetic fields

A recent study by zoologists showed that dogs are very sensitive to the Earth’s electromagnetic fields And you like to urinate at the northern and southern axes of these areas, They found out after observing and examining 70 dogs from 37 different species in two years, Scientists have not yet been able to discover the reason behind this!

from facts on dogs, The navy uses the Belgian “Malinoys” dog as part of its intensive training

In order to complete some of its missions the Navy was using dogs from the Malenois breed, Dogs train with strength and rigor with the same amount as humans and only 1% do full training, She trains with her coaches for at least 15 hours a week, she can jump from planes with her team, and she can even use parachutes with her coaches.

from facts for dogs, Dogs can smell cancer and diabetes

Dogs ’amazing sense of smell can detect cancer and diabetes in humans, Through several studies in which it has been proven that dogs can accurately detect cancer through self and urine samples, It is also able to detect low blood sugar, as there is also a service called “diabetes warning dogs” Its function is to warn its owners of their high blood sugar disorder before it reaches dangerous levels.

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