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for how long are dogs pregnant

for how long are dogs pregnant? all the information you need

We present to you in this article long are dogs pregnant In detail, all species where a lot of dog breeders especially when the female dog is subjected to a large and dangerous experience of carrying a female dog, The family lives in a state of tension and fear of this experience, especially if they were new to them Here we know the distinctive information that helps us to know everything related to a trip long are dogs pregnant All types in detail.

for how long are dogs pregnant

Period of carrying dogs

  • The female is reached in dogs after the ninth month of birth and is therefore ready and ready to mate and conceive
  • The fertilization date of a female dog is after her seventh menstrual period
  • Dogs carry a period of 58 to 63 days, and the female can give birth on any given day.

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for how long are dogs pregnant? and Signs of pregnancy in dogs

  • There is not yet a laboratory or laboratory test to help determine whether a pregnancy is present  for female dog
  • The only 85% guaranteed result is the palpation of the female dog’s belly between the 25th and the 35th day of pregnancy.
  • Some X-rays detect the presence of pregnancy after 45 days of pregnancy
  • The female shows several changes and signs of pregnancy and can be divided into two types “physiological changes, behavioral changes”

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Physiological changes of the female during pregnancy: –

  • Female weight gain noticeable after the fifth week of pregnancy and can be observed abdominal swelling size.
  • After the 35th day of pregnancy, we notice a clear increase in the size of the glands in preparation for breastfeeding and continue to increase.
  • Before birth, the size of the breast glands grows and the breast appears to have milk in preparation for excretion.

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Behavioral changes of the female during pregnancy: –

The change in the behavior of the pregnant dog in the last weeks of pregnancy begins as follows:

  • It is noted on the female in the last days of pregnancy that she prefers to retire away
  • It shows signs of anxiety and discomfort
  • Anata is groaning light, and gasping more quickly than usual
  • The female begins to build and equip her place which is called nesting in preparation for birth may use a blanket or the like
  • In the last two weeks, the dog becomes very troubled and advised not to approach children.

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for how long is a dog pregnant?

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Important rules for feeding dogs in pregnancy: –

  • The pregnant female dog should have a full and balanced diet throughout pregnancy and contains nutrients necessary for maternal and fetal health.
  • In the first weeks of pregnancy, you must provide meals rich in natural protein such as eggs and red meat
  • The amount of food provided should be doubled during the remaining weeks of pregnancy
  • As the pregnancy progresses, the number of puppies inside the dog’s abdomen will increase and the female will consume twice as much food as she used
  • A female dog will not be able to eat as much in a single meal, so it is better to give her smaller quantities, more meals in a number
  • Note that clean water is always available next to the dog because it needs constant fluids.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Sport during pregnancy :

  • We should help the dog during pregnancy by doing simple, non-violent and stressful exercises such as walking and light play.
  • Be careful not to beat a female dog with a stick or any hard object and should not be kicked, as this may lead to death or mutilate the embryos in her abdomen.

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for how long are dogs pregnant? In detail, all species and stages

The first stage:

  • You will notice 24 hours before birth to note that your female dog is not quiet
  • The female dog is not much interested in food
  • We notice clear mucous discharge and abdominal cramps begin
  • The female dog makes violent movements with more tension
  • This stage takes 6-24 hours
  • This period is the right time to help the female dog in the exercise, and we must give her a chance to urinate and defecate.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and the second stage:

  • The dog at this point needs to have its owner next to her, He calls her in her name and courts her and encourages her to repeat specific words like Jade, Bravo from the moment the water comes out
  • The dog begins to feel a constriction of the abdominal and uterine muscles in preparation for the expulsion of the embryos
  • At this point we will find that the first puppy has come He was born from 1 to 2 hours from the start of contractions
  • A small cyst with fluid appears from the vagina Then the embryo appears in the special embryonic cyst of birth
  • It should be noted that the normal position of the embryo descent is the head and abdomen down It can come down with its hind limbs first
  • After birth, the mother opens the embryo sac, cleans its young and cuts the umbilical cord
  • You may find in some cases that the placental membrane of the dog often ruptures before the puppy is born, but there is
  • Cases where puppies are born and are completely covered with membrane
  • It is necessary to intervene to open the uterine cyst if delayed to help them
  • Immediately after birth, the dog removes these membranes and cuts the umbilical cord
  • But if the dog is tired and tired or inexperienced, it will fail to do so
  • Therefore, we must make sure to take the fetus out of the embryo cyst immediately after coming down, otherwise the fetus may suffocate inside You will need to help her by gently removing the membrane from the puppy’s nose and mouth to breathe
  • Immediately after removal of the membrane, the puppy should begin to breathe, move and try to find the nipple and start feeding.

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Third Stage:

  • It is the resting stage of the female which follows the descent of all embryos
  • This stage can take approximately 10 to 30 minutes, and it can take hours
  • The dog can give birth in a standing, sitting or sleeping position on the side.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Steps to help the dog during childbirth

  • If we notice that the dog is having difficulty getting the fetus out, it is necessary to intervene and help or bring a doctor
  • Pulls the baby gently and slowly by a clean towel, Pulling from below can take up to 5 minutes
  • If we cannot do this here, the doctor should intervene and call him immediately.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Cases in which the doctor should be called

  • If we notice that there is difficulty in the descent of embryos should call a doctor
  • If we notice that the mother enters the second stage of birth, If it takes more than 30 minutes without going down any embryo, we bring the doctor
  • More than 4 hours after birth, we found that there are still embryos in the mother’s abdomen
  • If we find that there are secretions of greenish-black color without birth should call a doctor immediately
  • Note: The secretions are normal but the embryo should be released shortly afterward
  • If we notice two approaches and difficulty when a dog or intractable it is important to immediately transfer them to the veterinarian.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Time the dog needs to be among the puppies:

  • Your dog will take 15 minutes to an hour to rest after giving birth
  • Where the dog settles after an operation, Her breathing becomes calm, and she must also stay calm to eat the food and clean her puppies.

Maternal behavior after birth: –

  • We note that after birth and breastfeeding the behavior of the mother is still troubled and nervous Because she wants to defend her new family and be in a state of extreme fear for them
  • The person next to the dog must be familiar and familiar to him so that you do not get scared and anxious
  • Don’t be afraid to see your dog eat a puppy after his death, This is normal. All you have to do is help her in the situation and take care of the puppies so that none of them die, especially if the number is more than four
  • Breast milk is not enough if the number of puppies is more than 4, Artificial breastfeeding must be done for a dog who cannot reach his mother’s breast because of his weakness or bad luck
  • Dogs should not be fed harsh meals but gave them lukewarm milk until about 4 hours after birth.

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for how long are dogs pregnant? and Does the dog remove these membranes after birth?

The dog usually removes these membranes and cuts the umbilical cord, but if she feels tired, or she’s an inexperienced dog You will fail to do so, so you will have to help her by gently removing the membrane from the puppy’s nose and mouth in order to breathe, Immediately after removing this puppy’s membrane, the puppy should start breathing, And move around and try to find the nipple and start feeding.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Life span of dogs

In 2013 studies found that the life span of dogs varied depending on their breed, Since mixed breeds live on average for 1.2 years longer than pure breeds and that increased body weight is negatively associated with longevity This means that the higher the dog’s weight, the shorter it is, but for most dogs, they are between 10 and 13 years old. This is the age at which half of the dogs died and half of them are still alive, There are many dogs that have a shorter life span including small dogs Hounds and Irish dogs where these dogs are young and the average life expectancy ranges from 6 to 7 years, Long-lived breeds, such as border dogs, have an average age of 14 to 15 years The longest dog to date was the Australian Cattle Dog, who died in 1939 at the age of 29.5 years.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Sexual maturity in dogs

In domestic dogs, sexual maturity occurs at the age of six to twelve months for both males and females, although this can be delayed until the age of two years in some large breeds,
Female dogs will experience successive semi-annual cycles in which the body prepares for pregnancy, At the peak of this cycle, at the mating period, female dogs enter mental and physical fluctuations and the eggs remain able to fertilize for a week after ovulation. Fertilization usually occurs two to five days after ovulation and 14 to 16 days after ovulation
The fetus is linked to the uterus and after another 7 to 8 days the heartbeat can be detected in the fetus, Dogs are relatively stable in all breeds.

for how long are dogs pregnant? and Artificial feeding small puppy

It is assumed that the puppy’s weight at birth will double in 8 days, with the protein content in the mother’s dog’s milk being 7.1%.

You can help the puppy by artificial feeding if he is unable to reach his mother’s breast because of his weakness among his sisters.

We may have to resort to artificial breastfeeding for various reasons including malnutrition or cesarean section, Or a special inflammation, Or it may occur and that the mother’s milk is significantly reduced due to a large number of puppies.

You can buy ready-made milk in the market, modify your dog’s breast milk, Breastfeeding is done by a special dropper or syringe found at the veterinarian.


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