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Hachiko dog loyal story, Which turned out to film

Hachiko dog loyal story, Which turned out to film, Japan is famous for one of the wonderful stories that show the meaning of loyalty, Which appeared in a popular area of Tokyo, Revolving around a dog that showed the true meaning of its owner, Which over time the Japanese government made a dog statue and put it in the same place, To become a Japanese legend the newspapers talk about her, His story makes an American film that generates millions of revenue, In the following lines, we show you hachiko loyal story that has been producing a film this story.

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The story of a loyal Hachiko dog

The loyal dog Hachiko of the Akita family ( Akita dog breeds ) was born in 1923 in the Japanese city of Odata, Professor “Eino”, a professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo, brought him to Tokyo, He was accompanied every day to the train station in Shibuya in the morning, When he goes to go to work, Then wait there until Inu returns again at three o’clock in the afternoon, He keeps playing all day in front of the station Until the coming of its owner, Then one day Professor “Eino” suffered a heart attack while delivering a lecture  at the Faculty of Agriculture in Tokyo. Which led to his death in 1922, But the dog didn’t know and kept going to the station daily Waiting for his arrival in the afternoon as usual.

Thus continued the case for several years And even people noticed this dog in the same place and the same hour every day, His story spread, and many sympathized with him until they came to him with food, The train station manager also allowed him to stay there, After seeing that it doesn’t hurt anyone, And set aside a place for him to sleep, Then one day Professor Inoue decided to take the dog In order to raise him, feed him and take care of him, But the Hachiko dog shadow leaves him and goes to the train station as she returns at the same hour, This has been the case for nine full years.

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The death of Hachiko dog

On March 8, 1935, the dog Hachiko died at the station where the owner was waiting.
The Japanese government therefore decided to mummify him, preserve his body and place it in the National Science Museum In Tokyo to tell the story of rare dog fulfillment like never before, Which Japanese newspapers have written so much about, And a lot of books were written about him, Interestingly, a year before Hachiko died in 1933, One sculptor made a Hachiko statue of pure bronze Which the municipality put in front of the gate of Shibuya station Hachiko dog was present for this celebration, But then especially in World War II The statue was used to make weapons because of its precious metal.

But after the end of World War in 1948, A new statue of the loyal Hachiko dog was made and kept in the same place at the station, Today it is one of Tokyo’s tourist attractions, Which is visited by many tourists throughout the year, taking pictures with him.

It was also making another statue of a dog in his native And put in front of Odate City Station in Akita, Japan, Hachiko’s story has also been transformed into a curriculum story for Japanese students, Hachiko is also celebrated on the special day for dog lovers every year, Hachiko dog became a symbol of loyalty in the world, The jealousy models are made and distributed as a gift of sincerity and loyalty.

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Hachiko movie

Japanese cinema produced a film telling the story of the loyal dog Hachiko Who waited for nine years before the tribunal as the “Hachiko Tale” in 1987, American cinema also commemorated the anniversary By making a film about his story, a drama film produced in 2009, And he starred Richard is, Joan Allen, and Sarah Ruyemir, The duration of the show 93 minutes, The production of the American film “Hachiko” cost an estimated sixteen million dollars, He made a lot of profit of 46671235 USD.

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The most famous films that talked about the loyal of dogs

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. (Hachiko)

Turner & Hooch starring Tom Hanks.

Wendy and Lucy.

Bolt: The famous animated film.


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