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mountain bernese dogs
Bernese Mountain Dog posing

mountain bernese dogs, know more about this breed

mountain bernese dogs, He is a large dog breed, It is one of the four Sennenhund breeds of Swiss alpine dogs. Its name is derived from alpine pastures. This dog is originally from the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

mountain bernese dogs are a dog with long hair. This type of dog is usually black, except for the chest, and the feet are white. There are dark-colored spots on the legs and face brown. mountain bernese dogs are bold and loyal to those who raise them. It can be domesticated. The breed of these dogs was brought to Switzerland by the Roman invaders more than two thousand years ago.
This dog family was unknown until 1910 AD outside Bern, Switzerland. It was used in guarding cattle herds and dragging small wagons.

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mountain bernese dogs

mountain bernese dogs, It is one of the versatile dogs on Swiss farms, It is one of the types of Swiss dogs with long hair. The Bernese Mountain dog is a large, calm, friendly dog. In addition to his obedience and herding. Bernese Mountain Dog comes in three colors and is a smart, strong and flexible dog. The Burney Mountain dog’s life is a vital part of the farm’s life. In pushing the cattle, pulling the lorries and selling them in the neighboring villages. The Bernese Mountain dog was used as a means of transportation for farmers.

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mountain bernese dogs, the appearance

The Bernese Mountain dog is distinguished by its good appearance and good temperament, in addition to being known for its loyalty, kindness, diligence, and intelligence. It is an easy-to-train dog, and most of all, it is a dog with pleasant postures.

Bernese Mountain dog prefers playing especially with children and all ages. The possession of a Bernese Mountain dog needs a wide place, It is not a good option to keep a Burnie Mountain dog in an apartment because kennel needs an open space for all activities. Despite the beauty and mood of an excellent Bernese Mountain dog, However, this lineage has small genes, which leads to many health problems associated with inbreeding, This results in health problems.

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how much do bernese mountain dogs weigh and age

Bernese Mountain dog weighs about 40 kg. The average age of a Bernese Mountain dog is approximately 8 years, Thus, it is less than the life of the most similar strains in size, As the average age of similar breeds reaches about 11 years. It is believed that the main causes of early deaths in this strain are cancer and bone problems such as arthritis.

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dog photos

bernese mountain dogs size

Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed of large dogs, Bernese Mountain dog is between 50 and 70 cm in height. The Bernese Mountain dog has a three-color coat, which is black, white and tan.

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Amazing Stories

In August 2016, The “Doke” succeeded in winning the Cormorant Township, Minnesota, He was installed as mayor of the small town for the third year in a row.

The “Doke” of Bernese belongs to the large dog breed, It is one of the four breeds of Swiss Alpine dogs, and is the only dog to be elected as mayor

in the United States of America. The “Doke”, who is widely popular, was re-elected, according to a report by the British newspaper “The Independent” by an overwhelming majority. During the city’s annual celebration, voters celebrated his victory again.

Karen Nelson, a resident of Cormorant Township, stressed that no one can act against or reject the “Doke” Dog because he has provided many great things to society. The dog owner, David Rick, explained that “Doke” was elected by chance three years ago Although his name was not on the list of candidates, he explained that everyone was elected by several people, and one person elected his girlfriend.

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