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names dogs

names dogs of famous players and kinds

names dogs of famous players, Dogs are a type of animal, but they are the most perfect animal, Man raises it at home, and it has many types, But most of these species are classified as pets that can be raised in homes and gardens. A person uses it to guard, and players care about having a dog in their homes. They are given names that they choose as a kind of optimism, given their strong love for dogs and an interest in raising them.

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The names of the dogs of famous players

The dog is the first animal that has been domesticated and closely associated with it. Where great friendships were born between humans and dogs that grew through the ages, This is because the dog has many wonderful characteristics of loyalty and loyalty to man, He also has great ability to be patient and endure all hardships for the sake of its owner, And human love remained for thousands of years, A person calls dogs that have many names that are associated with wonderful memories. We will now give you great names dogs for many players, especially soccer players.

– Spanish player Santi Casular named his dog Zlatan, This is due to his great love for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

– Chilean player Alexis Sanchez called his dog Atom, It is a type of Golden Retriever.

– The German player Masoud Ozil, his dog was called Balboa, He announced that he had given this name to his passion for Rocky.

– The English player Bradley and Wilson have two dogs and they are called Bradley and Wilson, This is due to Petros’ rugby team players, due to his passion for this team.

– The late Argentine player Emiliano Sala named his dog Nala, It was characterized by extreme fulfillment.

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The strangest names of the dogs of players

Player Lionel Messi, who belongs to Barcelona, names his dogs Hulk and announced that he chose this name for his dog relative to the movie Hulk, The so-called green man in the Arab world because of the size of this dog.

– Brazilian player Neymar Jr. names his dogs Poker, He announced that he chose this name in relation to the poker game that he loves so much.

Dutch player Memphis Depay, names after his dogs Simba, He pointed out that this name is due to his strong love for the famous cartoon movie The Lion King.

– The Spanish player, Isco Arcon, names his dogs Messi. For his extreme optimism and love for the well-known player, Lionel Messi.

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Dog names for players on the name of a female

The Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo, has a Labrador female dog, It was called Maruska, and it is said that this name is one of the names of the Virgin Mary, Chrititano didn’t announce the rationale for giving this names to his dogs.

The Brazilian player Marcelo owns a female dog and names him Lula, And his dogs is a very massive black Newland type.

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Kinds of dogs

There are many types of dogs that are determined according to their strength, including:

A wolf-dog and these names were given because it is a result of a cross-breeding process and the marriage between a male wolf and female dogs. It is characterized by extreme strength taken from the wolf, and the extreme loyalty has taken from the dog, Several strains fall under it, including the Alaskan Husky, the Siberian Husky, And the German Shepherd and this species is widespread in cold areas, And specifically in the freezing areas.

Decorative dogs are kind of small and wonderful dogs.

Hunting dogs, which are the species that can chase their prey, in order to get the appropriate food for them.

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