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Nine benefits for owning dogs
Nine benefits for owning dogs

Nine benefits for owning dogs for humans

Nine benefits for owning dogs

benefits for owning dogs, Scientific studies and experiments have shown that raising pets in general has a positive impact on human health psychological, social and physical, as well as provide real service if exploited commercially. The benefits of kennel in particular have very great benefits for humans including:

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  • from benefits for owning dogs, Reduce the risk of eczema

Many parents are concerned about the idea of ​​exposing their young children to dogs for fear of allergies or eczema. However, many studies and research have shown that children who mix with dogs since infancy are less likely to develop eczema at the age of four, A study of six hundred and thirty-six children, published in 2011 in the Journal of Pediatrics; the result was that children living with a dog in the family were less likely to have eczema, and the presence of a dog in children who have a sensitivity of dogs did not increase the rate of infection with the enzyme However, parents should see more research on dogs before thinking about getting one. One study has shown that dogs increase the risk of asthma in children.

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  • Minimize the possibility of depression

The acquisition of dogs helps reduce the possibility of an individual suffering from depression and stress. Twenty-five percent of people who resort to psychotherapists suffer from strikes, depression and anxiety. Depression is one of the most complex social and physical diseases. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and back pain. Although depression may occur for many reasons, loneliness is the main cause.


  • from benefits for owning dogs, Improve overall health

Dogs have good health. According to many studies, dog training helps reduce heart rate per person. Research has shown that dog owners are less likely to have heart disease than people who do not have a dog. Those who own a pet are less likely to develop heart disease.

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  • from benefits for owning dogs, The Guard

Dogs are one of the best and most skilled animals in protecting people and private property, which is one of the most powerful ways to guard, the presence of the owner feels safe and secure. Dogs are known to be remarkably strong, so they can quickly distinguish a stranger from a home, which is of great benefit to thieves and strangers.


  •  entertainment :

Dogs are beautiful animals that entertain their owner, they give an atmosphere of fun and fun that bring happiness to the person by training him on certain movements and playing together. Dogs are used extensively in various types of circus and acrobatics; they respond well to interactive training with humans. Recently, dogs have become increasingly involved in talent programs to draw the attention of the world to the talent of the coach or the dog itself.

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  • from benefits for owning dogs, the hunt :

Dogs have great qualities that qualify them to be one of the best fishing assistants for humans. They have strong sense of smell, great speed, physical strength and intelligence. Man began to use dogs for hunting since ancient times, and has succeeded in achieving excellent results through the ages thanks to dogs.


  • from benefits for owning dogs, the responsibility :

During his upbringing, dogs can strengthen their sense of responsibility. A sense of responsibility can only be attained when applied. It can not be learned without reading. The dog is the best way to learn responsibility in terms of the care that the owner gives him. He must keep his cleanliness clean and give him food. Adequate and appropriate, and teaches him some important things to exercise his life well.

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  • Helping to manage daily life:

Dogs can benefit humans through some actions that help kill or remove harmful animals and insects such as mice and bugs. The dog is also used to help visually impaired people find their way and get the things they want.


  • from benefits for owning dogs, Dogs in special gear

Dogs have many different species, some of which are used in special operations such as inspections, VIP protection, search for bodies, and catch up. The very strong sense of smell has been utilized when dogs to search for drugs, CDs, computers, and certain other odors are trained dogs to detect them easily and effortlessly. Dogs were also included in the US Army to alert soldiers to the presence of intruders on a site, to detect mines by sniffing gunpowder, and to detect ambushes in a non-barking way, such as moving the tail or walking backwards. There have been cases in which dogs have been honored and given military rank.


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