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Overcoming Fear of Dogs

Overcoming Fear of Dogs, In children

Overcoming Fear of Dogs, It’s normal for your child to be afraid of many things that surround him. For example, there are children afraid of the dark and others who are afraid of the high places
There are also children afraid of pets like cats, dogs, and other animals. Fear appears to children in many forms such as crying, screaming, dismay and many other aspects Which indicates extreme fear of something, In order to treat the fear problem, especially the fear of dogs, we must help our children deal with the things they fear Until fear gradually decreases and then completely disappears, Now let’s get to know together the right way to treat fear of dogs in children

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Overcoming Fear of Dogs

to Overcoming Fear of Dogs, For young children, fear of dogs is an objective and natural fear. They are not accustomed to seeing dogs with their different looks and frightening loud sounds for children, Doctors usually advise parents to keep young children away from dogs until they grow up And they have complete freedom and the ability to face the things that surround them in the environment Like pets, especially dogs.

In order to treat fear of dogs in children, you should do some of the most important of the following:

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Talk to children and address their fears

to Overcoming Fear of Dogs, Treating fear of dogs in children begins with dialogue. Parents should be keen to talk to children about the importance of dogs and their important function which includes guarding homes and protecting them from thieves And barking during the night or day if strangers try to enter the house, With the need to teach children the importance of dogs by making them watch cartoon films It contains children playing dogs in different cartoon stories.

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Correct behaviors in the treatment of fear of dogs in children

to Overcoming Fear of Dogs, You should make sure to do the right behavior when you notice your child’s fear of dogs, You should make sure to appear in front of him in a balanced manner without showing any kind of anxiety and anxiety Because if your child notices you, your fear of dogs will increase Because he considers you his role model and ideals, who always imitate him and follow his behavior Whether these behaviors are right or wrong, So be careful with your behavior and make sure your child is completely stable.

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how to get over a fear of dogs

Divide fear and confront dogs

to Overcoming Fear of Dogs, The child is taught and trained to deal with dogs and challenge their fear of this stage This is done by dividing the fear into several different parts until each part is eliminated separately. For example, start with simple situations that do not scare the child much, and then gradually move to more difficult situations. Taking into account encouraging and comforting the child as much as possible by courting, playing and joking with him while he is dealing with dogs So give it a degree of comfort and safety

Children usually get scared at the start of dog situations, as the child remains afraid for at least 15 minutes Then he relaxes completely thanks to your encouragement and banter with him in every step he takes, It is also preferable that the child is trained to interact with a pre-treated dog Like a family dog ​​or a neighbor dog, by constantly encouraging the child and wiping the dog’s hair gently You can gradually treat your child’s fear of dogs, to Overcoming Fear of Dogs,

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Consult a psychologist

to Overcoming Fear of Dogs, If your child continues to fear dogs despite all the efforts you make to make them deal with them, You should consult with psychologists about treating dog fear in children For help and advice that will gradually treat your child from fear Without it turning into a phobia.

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