Thursday , November 19 2020

red eye in a dog, Causes and treatment

red eye in a dog

red eye in a dog, The eye is a crucible, or as they say, it is “the best mirror of the soul, The commonest conditions are foreign bodies that have accidentally penetrated into the eye’s structures. Nails, hair, thorns, vegetable debris, land, sand, etc. are some examples. After a thorough …

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blood in the dog stool, main reasons

blood in the dog stool

blood in the dog stool, main reasons, Walking with our pets is one of the most enjoyable moments of the day, But in addition to enjoying the moment when we have to be attentive to the sediments of our animal, You can tell us a lot about her health. It …

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can dogs eat blueberries? What are the benefits and risks?

can dogs eat blueberries

can dogs eat blueberries, Many dog breeders know that grapes are harmful to dogs, but what about blueberries? Are blueberries good for dogs? Blueberries contain minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and many other body-bound substances. In short, the answer is yes, dogs can eat blueberries, This fruit is a snack for dogs …

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can dogs eat almond butter? And peanut butter

can dogs eat almond butter

can dogs eat almond butter? Many people notice that almond butter tastes better than peanut butter, As for the benefits, we find that almond butter has more nutritional value than peanut butter, Regardless of the nutritional value, peanuts are excellent for your dog. But we will discuss in this article …

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