Friday , January 22 2021

dry nose of dog, whats problem?

dry nose of dog

Dry nose of a dog is a common and frequent problem that occurs to the dog in many situations. Dryness of the dog’s nose may be due to a simple and unnecessary concern It may be because of the serious as we will show you in this article. dry nose …

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can dogs eat onions? very important!

can dogs eat onions

can dogs eat onions? Dangers of providing onions and garlic in dog food, Onions may be an essential ingredient for your favorite dishes, Even some of the dishes you share with your dog may contain onions, although there are many risks of serving onions in dog food. can dogs eat …

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can dogs eat oranges? risks and benefits

can dogs eat oranges

can dogs eat oranges? Do you think dogs only eat meat? Contrary to your belief, Dogs may eat fruit sometimes and we will discuss in this article the possibility of offering oranges to dogs. There are a few known healthy fruits that dogs love to eat. These fruits are blueberries, …

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can dogs smell cancer? Interesting facts

can dogs smell cancer

can dogs smell cancer? It is known that the sense of smell in the dog excels and exceeds the sense of smell in humans, But no one knows how far the dog’s nose capacity limits; The dog can be trained to detect explosives and drugs and can track the smell …

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