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Great Dane Dog

the great dane dog breeds, History, Diet and Take care

The great Dane dog is known as a giant dog breed, And one of the largest dog breeds in terms of size and length. The Great Dane Dog is a luxurious, intelligent and loyal dog with friendly printing. Despite its huge size, it is often called a gentle giant, The reason behind the love of the great Dane dogs is its cheerful and cheerful spirit, And loyalty to his friend.

The great Dane dogs maintains strong relationships with their owners and they are considered wonderful pets. Well-trained dogs can be well-suited in most families and with young children. Unfortunately, like other giant dog breeds, The age of this breed is shorter than that of the normal dog.

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Great Dane Dog Character

Great Dane Dog Character

Friendly, Patient, and trustworthy
Length: 75-80 centimeters for males, 70-75 centimeters for females
Weight: 57-72 kg for males, 45-57 kg for females
Life expectancy: 7-10 years
Category: Workgroup
Country: Germany

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Great Dane Dogs

The length of the great Dane dogs is more than 80 centimeters, Where it is larger than most other dogs, Interestingly, this dog when standing on its hind legs is longer than most people. This giant dog is considered a powerful image of elegance and balance. The Great Dane Dog Fur comes in a variety of different styles, Including dark gray, blue and black, black and white fur, Perhaps the most famous is the black and white patchwork known as the clown.

Despite its sweet kind nature, But the Dane dog is the vigilant guard of the house. Once you see these gentle giants it is usually enough to make hackers think more than once to sneak into the house. But if one decides to sneak into the soft house he will face a very strong and very brave enemy that prevents him from entering. Nevertheless, the Dane dog is patient with children, And make friends easily with people.

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History of the Great Dane Dog

The general appearance of the Great Dane Dog

The great Dane dog combines its luxurious appearance, Dignity and strength and elegance with a large size and strong body harmonious. It is one of the working giant breeds, but it is unique of its kind, His overall appearance is so balanced and harmonious that he does not look like a dog. One of his most important qualities is courageous, not shy. Always friendly and trustworthy. In short, this physical and mental structure is the quality that gives the great Dane the luxury and the greatness, Which is not owned by another breed of dog.

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History of the Great Dane Dog

The great Dane dog originates in Germany Although some believe that this breed has ancient origins, But the great Dane dog is most likely a hybrid between the English Mastiff and the Irish wolf dog, This breed has evolved in Germany to catch pigs and deer, Over time, this strain is no longer used in hunting, But use the great Dane dog as a guard dog or companion, The huge Dane dog appeared in the United States in the late 1800s, The dog has gradually become one of the most popular dogs in the world.

Take care of the great Dane dogs

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Take care of the great Dane dogs

The great Dane dogs has short fur and does not usually need anything more than routine daily hygiene, The Dane dog has a flexible and pendulous permission so you have to routine examination of the ear and cleaned constantly.

Proper training and socialization is very important for the great Dane dogs , This is due to the large scale giant of this strain that can make it difficult to control, If it is not well trained and appropriate, as these dogs do not realize their large size, Therefore you should be careful and prevent the dog from jumping, Relax over you, and pull the string firmly from your hand.

The great Dane dogs is very active, and in his youth likes to play and have fun, and with age, The great Dane dogs will have moderate levels of energy, And exercise sports routine, Such as daily walking can help the great Dane dogs maintain its health and keep it in good condition.

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Diet And Nutrition For The Great Dane Dog

You must pay attention to the correct diet of your huge Danish dog, Because it is a large breed, the pups need a lot of attention to the quality of the food, In order to avoid the exposure of puppies for obesity and weight gain. You should discuss feeding schedule, food type, quantity with breeder and veterinarian, It is recommended that breeders provide three meals a day.

The great Danish dog will require a lot of food, And up to 10 cups of food per day. It is important to be fed twice or more a day instead of eating one large meal, Or allowing them to free nutrition that causes a lot of problems.
This breed is prone to inflation stomach, It means that they will be subjected to swelling when they eat large amounts, Or eat very quickly. This can lead to gastric torsion, cut blood supply and gas retention.

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