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when to start training a puppy

when to start training a puppy, and how Teach your dog?

when to start training a puppy

when to start training a puppy, Dogs are pets and some are enjoyed by raising them in homes, and this is more fun for these people if they succeed in teaching these dogs and tame them to obey the orders of their breeder. What are the rules and rules that make you successful in kennel breeding?

You can immediately train the dog after the age of five months in order to be able to absorb the complex training courses, it is the age to be mentally and physically qualified to receive various lessons

It should be noted that dog breeders have to do these lessons immediately after having successfully trained their dog on some simple basic exercises

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Teach the dog to sit on the bench

This training is to teach the dog to sit steady and without a series on his seat so that the body and head in a vertical position on the ground and the face of the front and eyes look at the stability of the front and higher

The training starts with the installation of the training series and the stunt then walks the dog first in random directions until it becomes calm and the child responds to what is going to be. Then suddenly the trainer stands up and pronounces the training word with the pronunciation of the dog’s name with the word. The trainer also presses the left hand on the back of the dog’s back Sitting on the ground with his seat, then with the rest of the right hand pressing back on the dog’s chest to prove the situation, And when the dog succeeds in taking the right situation, the trainer should show him much pleasure and be happy.

Repeat this movement more than once during the training period until the dog gets used to the word it is related to taking that position


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when to start training a puppy to you as soon as you call him

This training is one of the most important exercises. If you succeed, the dog will leave any action that comes to you as soon as you hear his name. The success of the trainer in this experiment is the first and biggest measure of his skill, since he was able to make his dog give up everything he occupies. To come and comply with the orders of his coach


This type of exercise starts with the series and without it until the dog learns this important lesson. It is worth mentioning that until the trainer succeeds in this task, the dog must first return the reward when obeying the orders, and should not be punished if he breaks it


When starting this training try to be initially in the garden and using the long chain so that not less than two meters length, first use the word and then stand in front of the dog completely and chain in your left hand and then called the dog word and at the same time pull the chain with the left hand and referred to him by hand The right hand with no movement of the call


At first, it will fail the dog, but after repeated training several times a dog will be able to perform training successfully using longer strings each time until it reaches the chain length of about ten meters and each time when the dog up in front of you this call utter the word which you have chosen Repeat this several training times to be successful so without the use of a series

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when to start training a puppy to sleep firmly on the ground

And is to teach the dog to take the commission where the head is up and the front legs extended to the front and back in a relaxed position full and forward with the basis of the seat and the entire abdomen on the ground


To train the dog on it you have to hold the dog in the chain with the left hand and then sit on the chair, then pull the chain a bit with the tilt towards the dog from the front with your right palm lift as if you will strike and then say the word of the command you choose for this training loud and strong voice with the chain pull down by hand Left at the same moment move the palm of the head of the dog


Once you have done these steps you will find him leaning forward, so you have to help him tighten the front legs with his left hand forward to sleep in this situation and then get so excited and then after about two minutes he has to come to you and repeat these steps until you succeed


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