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why do dogs bark

why do dogs bark, the Reasons for this behavior?

why do dogs bark ? It’s normal for dogs to bark, moan, and howl, Sometimes dogs make noises, And you talk just to communicate with humans and express themselves. Sometimes dogs bark to warn us of potential danger, Or protect us from harm, Other times, dog barking is excessive and seems to have no real meaning.

Why do dogs bark?

Dog barking may be caused by a variety of reasons. Dog don’t bark just because they can only bark (Although they may look that way sometimes). Dog barking, not in order to annoy you and your neighbors, They do not bark because of excitement or revenge. In fact some dog breeds have a tendency to bark more than others.

Some species of dogs have already been bred on bark And loud sound. May be because they can alert people of danger, And protecting homes, Or even scare the prey from hiding from hunters. It is important to listen to the sound of the bark with an understanding, You will eventually know the distinction between different dog sounds. After that you may be able to figure out what each type of bark means. The first step towards controlling behavior is to understand why dogs barking ?

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The main causes of Why do dogs bark?

Warning: It is normal for a dog to bark when someone is in the door Or when strangers pass in front of the house, As many of the dogs will barking if they feel a sense of threat and danger

Saying “I’m here to protect this place so don’t mess with me.”, The sound of this bark is usually sharp, loud and reliable.

Refining this instinct by training It can actually help protect your home and family.

Anxiety: anxiety bark often seems to soothe the soul of many dogs. They are often loud and sometimes accompanied by whining.

This type of bark is common in dog experiencing separation anxiety, fear, phobias, or other types of anxiety.

Looking for interest: When you hear this bark, you’ll usually know what it means. This bark says “Hey! Hey! a look! I’m here!”

Some other dogs may moan and bark together at once to get attention and attract attention to them

Almost like a little baby crying

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Fun / Excitement:
This type of bark is especially common in puppy and small dogs. Many dogs will bark while playing with other people or dogs. Even the sound of the bark sounds upbeat and perhaps a musician, Some dogs will bark enthusiastically
When they know they are about to go for a walk or ride a car

Respond to other dogs: This is a familiar scenario. One dog starts to go down the street and bark and the rest of the dogs start to join him one by one.

Boredom: A dog that has bored sounds like a dog barking just to hear his voice. Although it can be annoying, it is also kind of sad. Bored dog often bark to release excess energy, Sometimes they bark because of loneliness and usually need an activity and possibly a companion.

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What to do with the problem of barking dogs?

why do dogs bark? Do you suffer from frequent barking dog? It is better to address the problem now before the situation gets worse. It’s hard to say a lot of bark without your intervention, The cause of the bark must be determined first, And then take steps to address the cause. If your dog’s barking is related to fear or anxiety, you should visit your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can rule out the medical causes of this behavior, He may recommend some medications to reduce dog barking.


If your dog is in severe anxiety it is very difficult to learn your dog new things.

Medications can help reduce anxiety and make training more successful. You can reduce dog barking with basic training, mental stimulation, and exercise. In more serious cases, you may need to bring a trainer to improve dog behavior, One thing you shouldn’t do is ignore the problem.


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