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why my dog is shaking

why my dog is shaking? Causes and treatment

why my dog is shaking?, There are many factors that can be considered as the causes of shivering in dogs. Some dogs have a sudden shaking when happy, For example, when you get home, you may notice that your dog gets a shaking when you receive and play with you. Also, some dogs develop bedwetting when happy as well.

You may also notice the shaking of dogs when eating toxic food, Of course, this may be accompanied by many other symptoms, but in some very mild cases of poisoning, the dog may develop only slight shaking.

why my dog is shaking? What is the treatment for dog shaking? Should you visit the vet in all cases where you notice the dog shivering? We will explain this in detail in this article.

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why my dog is shaking?

the dog is shaking for many reasons, such as joy and happiness, pain, Aging, even when feeling tired and exhausted after heavy physical exertion or after a long period of walking.

Dog shaking may also be caused by serious illnesses such as kidney disease, wounds, or even poisoning. So if you notice that your dog is suddenly shaking, you should consider some other symptoms and conditions before moving.

For example, did the dog shaking occur after a great effort? Sometimes this can happen because of effort and play the dogs will shiver And they disappear naturally without any problem.

But it is very helpful to take some notes on the symptoms that accompany the shiver, Such as vomiting, regurgitation, diarrhea, inability to move or control the body, These symptoms are important and indicate the presence of some health problems for the dog.

We will show you the most important diseases that cause a shaking in dogs and how to detect them as follows:

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why is my dog is shaking?

the dog is shaking, The disease of the distemper or the distemper virus

It is one of the fierce viruses that infect puppies or dogs at a younger age than older and older dogs. Especially dogs that are not vaccinated at the correct time.

The virus causes shaking in dog and causes some other symptoms, such as secretions in the eyes and nose. Fever, cough, or in dogs and some other symptoms.

To treat the distemper virus, a puppy or dog is given intravenous fluids to compensate for the fluid loss in the body Also given some anti-immune drugs and some antibiotics to fight bacterial infection It is also possible to give some natural treatment to the dog.

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why my dog shakes

the dog is shaking because of dizziness

Dogs, like humans, may get dizzy and vomiting for various reasons.

  • Side effects of some medications may cause dizziness and chills for the dog.
  • Eating too much or eating some foods that are forbidden to eat and harmful to the dog.
  • Kidney and liver disease may cause the dog to shaking.

Also, vertigo causes shivering in dogs and is accompanied by some other symptoms such as licking lips, Swallowing or excessive salivation, Frequent yawning, vomiting, and hiding due to fear of symptoms of dizziness.

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why is my dog shaking and panting?

the dog is shaking because of Progress in the age when dogs

Dogs, when they get older need some special care As dogs of old age, have a slight shaking in the back feet And sometimes in the front feet, too.

Of course, shivering in the dog’s feet may be due to aging
It may have several other causes, such as arthritis or bone diseases that affect dogs when they age

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what if my dog is shaking?

because of Poisoning

Toxic substances can cause shaking and shaking in dogs. Some substances that cause poisoning to dogs May not be toxic to humans, such as dog poisoning from eating chocolate.

Dogs may also be poisoned by cigarettes and the so-called nicotine poisoning of the dog.

The dog may also be poisoned by the sugar found in some of the substances we eat. It may also be poisoned due to the bite of some types of insects.

If your dog is poisoned, he will have symptoms such as shaking, general weakness, Inability to determine the direction, frequent salivation, vomiting or restoration in the dog, diarrhea, and cramps.

If you notice these symptoms, you should immediately try to help your dog by feeding him some milk Go directly to the veterinarian or ask for help by phone

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shaking dogs due to epilepsy

Dogs develop epilepsy due to a disorder of the nervous system, Symptoms for a dog with epilepsy range from distinct and severe shaking, cramping and stiffness, fainting, biting the tongue, The presence of foam material inside the mouth and on the lips.

If the dog has epilepsy, he will usually lie on one side and start to shaking or shiver with afoot.

Treatment of epilepsy is by giving medicines to control the condition, It contains potassium bromide compounds and the medications are prescribed only by a veterinarian.

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Jerk the dog when you feel happy

Dogs feel happy for the least reasons, it suffices to pat the dog’s head and you will find it happy.

When you come home in the evening after a long day, you may notice that your dog jumps around and welcomes you with great happiness Then you suddenly notice that he is shivering or urinating on himself because of his happiness with you

You can easily control this behavior by calming your dog and making your welcome moments quiet and simple You can even help him to overcome this feeling and take greater control of a gang.

A good trick is to train the dog to sit down and give him the order to sit down when you enter the house Then you patted and welcomed him, that way you would teach him to control himself more.

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Other reasons for shaking that affect the dog

There are some other causes of shivering in your dogs, such as kidney disease and brain disease.

These and other diseases may cause shaking in dogs, The filling of the anal gland may cause shaking in the dog as well.

Treating dog shaking first needs to be diagnosed, Then you start treating him as well as caring for the dog’s health, careful care of your dog and proper diagnosis, It will make the treatment easy and fast.

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GTS in dogs

This disease is an unknown cause until now and it is called “White Shaker” This is because it was first observed in small white Maltese dogs.

Despite its initial appearance and discovery in small dogs But it can affect any dog at any age and from any breed.

Symptoms of the disease begin to appear at the age of 9 months to two years, The vet treats the disease with steroid medications Which shows a great improvement on the dog after a week of treatment.

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